UPS Tracking – Track Packages, Schedule Delivery & More [Guide]

United Parcel Service or UPS is already the best parcel service in the world with the fastest delivery, safety and availability. Whether you are in United States or Australia, UPS ensures that the package that you’ve sent will reach recipient as soon as possible. And, it allows both sender and receiver the facility to LIVE track their UPS order. Yes! UPS Tracking can be done precisely to minutes of accuracy for your package.

UPS offers this feature to track UPS delivery, schedule delivery, nickname UPS delivery, and many other features to make your life a lot simpler when you’re in need to send a parcel or waiting eagerly for one.

So, in this post, I am telling you a very easy way to perform UPS tracking anytime, whether you are inside or outside the home. And, if you won’t be able to receive the parcel on provided time, schedule UPS package delivery according to your comfortable time or choose from 40,000 UPS drop off locations around the world to put your UPS package their and pick it later at the time which is comfortable to you.

UPS Mobile App

UPS Mobile app is the easiest way to perform UPS tracking or manage your packages which are being handled by UPS. UPS Mobile app is available for both Android & iOS Devices. So, whether you’re an Apple user or Android phone owner, you can install UPS Mobile app in your device and this app comes with all required features that you might be needed from UPS service. UPS Mobile app allows you to easily manage shipment on the go. You’ll be able to:

  • Track and nickname shipments
  • Create shipping labels
  • Find UPS service locations
  • Estimate shipment costs and delivery times

To start using UPS Mobile app for UPS tracking, install the app on your device. You don’t necessarily need to signup or login to your UPS account. The UPS mobile app lets you track packages, save up to 5 tracking numbers in your tracking list, find and quickly filter UPS service locations and get a quote for shipment costs and transit times even without login but if you need to save more tracking numbers, track multiple UPS packages, get alert about your package’s delivery, schedule delivery, etc. then you need to create an UPS account and login. Don’t worry, signing up to UPS is free and can be done either manually or automatically through Facebook, Google accounts, etc.

Login into UPS mobile app provides a lot of amazing features such as:

  • Get delivery alert when your package arrives
  • Have package delivered somewhere else. For example: your friend’s or relative’s location
  • Authorize your driver to leave packages at your home without a signature
  • Track packages without tracking numbers as incoming deliveries are automatically added to your app’s Delivery Planner list

So, with the help of UPS Mobile app, UPS tracking is made so much easy and comfortable.

And, if for any reason, you can’t use UPS Mobile app, United Parcel Service all you all of these features to track & manage your UPS packages from its official website too.

UPS Tracking from Website

To perform UPS Tracking from the online website, refer to United Parcel Service official website ->>

Now, similar to it’s mobile app, user can track an order without login into a UPS account from the special “Tracking” section provided at the website, filter UPS service location, find UPS Drop off location, etc. and track your order if you have your package’s UPS tracking number. And, if you log in, you will have all the advanced features such as schedule delivery, authorize driver, manage orders automatically, get notifications, etc. through its online website too.

So, I’ve told you both ways to perform UPS tracking either through smartphone or online website. Choose the way which is comfortable to your for UPS tracking and don’t worry, if you are logged in, the changes will be synced throughout all your devices.

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