Reduce Bounce Emails & Spam Traps Using Email Validation

Businesses spend a big portion of their advertising budget in email marketing. Apart from the monthly fees of email marketing services the marketers also have to cover the cost of email designing, campaign creation, tracking, reporting, and analysis.

Email marketing has a huge potential, you are reaching right at the inbox of customers but it’s important that you do it right and get the real worth of the money spent on email marketing campaigns. Many times the promotional emails end up in the spam box and all that money spent in vain.

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You might be sending weekly emails to millions of subscribers but to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns and the money spent on it, you need to validate your email list.

What is email validation? 

Well, using email validation you can filter your email list. You can check if an email address really exists, if it’s a quality email or is it just a spam and your emails are going nowhere. Email validation will improve the quality of your email list and you will spend your money only on the quality subscribers. You will see a better ROI.

Great, so how do we validate the emails? I am glad you asked.

There are many email validation services. I use ZeroBounce as it provides more accurate results. I have used a few other email validation services too but they provide only basic email validation, i.e if an email account exists or not.  Using ZeroBounce you can identify toxic domains, spam traps, abuse accounts and much more. It can even provide additional details about your subscribers.

ZeroBounce Features

This email validation service validates each and every email on several parameters to increase the overall impact of an email marketing campaign.

Catch-All Domains

There are some domains that mask the validity of email addresses. It means that all the email addresses will be reported as good even if they are not. ZeroBounce uses clever algorithms to detect catch-all-domains to detect such email addresses.

catch all emails

Abuse Accounts

Now, there are email subscribers who intentionally and knowingly subscribed to your company but if they don’t like your email they will mark your email as spam thus ruining your reputation because if a lot of your emails are reported as spam the chances are that the email services will start classifying your emails under spam and you don’t want to be there.

With the help of Zerobouncer, you can identify the abuse accounts and remove them so that from the next time you only include those in your email list who want to be included.

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Spam Traps

Spam trap is another nuisance that can negatively affect your email marketing campaigns. With Zerobounce you can identify the email addresses which are included in industry-wide blacklists. They are no good to you so better get rid of them.

Toxic Domains

Toxic domains are the ones which have been reported as spam, abuse or bot created.

Disposable Emails

Well, you don’t want disposable emails either. Disposable emails are temporary emails which are created for only a short interval of time. People create disposable emails via Yopmail and other such services. Even I have created many disposable emails in the past for different reasons.

Disposable emails expire after a few days or weeks so if you send an email to such an email address then chances are that they are not going anywhere. Eliminate them from your email list.

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Data Append

Apart from validating the email addresses, Zerobounce can do a big favor. It can append first name, last name, gender, location and account creation date to each email id. This data can provide huge significance in your email marketing campaigns.

For example, if you are into e-commerce then you can create separate emails for females and males. The emails will be highly targeted and this will greatly improve the impact and ROI of the campaign.

IP Append

Just like data, Zerobounce can also append the IP address of the subscriber. Using the IP address you can get the location, city and zipcode.

So, these were some of the most appealing features of Zerobounce. All the data uploaded and downloaded at Zerobounce is highly secure. The files are encrypted and password protected so that only you can read the files and check the results. The data is not stored on their servers and once you download the results the data will be deleted.


$150 – Up to 100,000 email validations

$250 – Up to 250,000 email validations

$400 – Up to 500,000 email validations

$750 – Up to 1,000,000 email validations

The overall features provided in all the plans are same. The pricing differs only in terms of the number of email validations.

Final Words

Before spending thousands of dollars in email marketing each month, it is important to make your email list as optimized as you can. Only an email marketing done right can provide good results. I would suggest that you give this service a try. Don’t forget to share your experience with us.

Bradley Wood is a freelance writer who lives in Pomona, Los Angeles. He is pursuing graduation from the University of California (UC). Bradley frequently contributes his high-quality articles in Academics and Education to our site to help students in their day-to-day life.