Top 10 Sports Shoes Brands in the US

Shoes play a very intricate part when it comes to most sports. The USA loves sports like no other country. That is why their love for sports shoes goes long way with their love for games. Sports shoes add a different level of comfort in those tough physical movements & make them easier to accomplish. Let us see some of the most loved brands that the USA wear in sport’s shoe category.


Nike is an American Multinational company which was founded in 1969. It has been known to be a dominating brand in sports footwear & other gears. It is safe to say that Nike is one of the leading sports shoe brands in the world. It has a flagship slogan which says “Just Do It” which summarizes its determination to support athletes & sports enthusiast with its finest quality products. You must keep a tab over Kohl’s President’s Day Sale offerings to buy your choice of sports shoes. Lately, Nike also came into products like athletic apparel, footwear, equipment & accessories.

Nike shoes


Adidas is a Germany based Multinational Corporation which has been loved globally. 2017 was a successful year for Adidas when they achieved a 30% hike in sales growth compared to previous year. Adidas has a fine understanding of customer demand & has superior expertise in offering products to meet their expectation. Adidas also offers many complementing products like sports shoes, clothing & accessories in addition to their signature sports shoes. Adidas can be seen as a sponsor of major sportsman in the world athletic community.

Under Armour

Under Armour is a giant American sporting product manufacturer. They supply casual & athletic apparel along with footwear. This company is relatively new in the market still it has managed to come up in chart very fast. Under Armour has been successful in holding the 3rd position in the US market for being leading sports shoe brand. Under Armour has gathered quite a reputation by its eco-friendly operations, inventive usage of fabric technology & sports friendly designs. Despite being such leading brand in the USA they are having a little struggle in establishing in North America.


In absolute terms, Skechers is probably the largest sports shoes brands in the USA. This brand was founded in 1992 & became a strong contender in the segment of American lifestyle & sports footwear. Despite being overshadowed by the giants like Nike & Adidas, this brand has managed to make a special spot for self. In recent times Skechers has been benefited from the athleisure trend in USA retail market. It basically signifies such pattern where shoppers keep buying sports shoes & apparels irrespective of their determination to pursue sports.

New Balance

Nike & Adidas have been well-known brand across the globe. In this era of their dominance, a Boston based athletic footwear brand is making a mark silently yet prominently. New Balance has been manufacturing creative & athletic sneakers like 990 Model in the USA. New Balance has been successful in achieving success owing to its state of art craftsmanship & ability to customize. New Balance has been the only sportswear brand in the USA which manufactures over 4 million pairs of shoe year on year.

New Balance shoes


ASICS is headquartered in Kobe, Japan. But still, due to their fine quality of sports shoes, they have been loved by Americans since long. ASICS products have been known for their technical perfection & compliance with tough quality control. Recently the corporation underwent a transformation regime where they invested in branded retailers, superior marketing strategies & creating digital marketing capabilities. ASICS being a Japanese leading sports shoe firm is determined to grow its footprint in the prime sports market like the USA using better branding strategies.


Saucony is an American Company based in Lexington, Massachusetts. They have expertise in producing apparels & footwear for men & women. The brand offers casual, trail running, racing & walking shoes via its website. In 2018 they teamed up with Dunkin Donuts & crafted strawberry frosted doughnut-themed shoes to honour 122nd running of Boston Marathon. Being a domestic manufacturer they have mastered the design making & branding which appeal the American crowd. The firm has come a long way in making shoes as it was founded in 1898 in America.


Avia is an American footwear & clothing manufacturing firm which has mastered the art of crafting yoga, running & lifestyle shoes. They also have a huge product range in activewear & accessories. Avia has been a pioneer in bringing up many technologies such as Cantilever Sole in footwear & wicking in clothing. This firm was founded in 1979 & is a subsidiary of Sequential Brands Group. They have been known to offer products made with cutting-edge technology. Their sports shoes are made using ARC (Anatomical Rebound Cradle) as well as the aforementioned Cantilever Heel.

British Knights

British Knights is a popular shoemaking firm in America which was launched by a New York-based footwear retailer, being a fashionable alternative to the conventional performance sportswear. The brand is positioned as a music-driven one hence gained popularity among streetwise youngsters. As per the popularity index, British Knights is a leading athletic footwear brand in the USA.

Brooks Sports

This famous brand was founded in 1914 in Seattle which is also known as Brooks Running. They originally produced footwear for a wide range of sports. But, during 2001 they decided to focus upon just running shoes as a segment. The successful products like Adrenaline & Brooks’ Ghost proved their strategy correct as well. During recent times the firm launched their ambitious Levitate range of shoes for high end running the sport. Now not just in the USA but globally Brooks Sports have many athletes who adore their sports shoes for running as a sport.

These reputed brands have been proving their worth since decades. The level of excellence they display in crafting best in quality shoes has given them a place in this list. Most athlete & sports enthusiast always have a preferred brand with which they like to stay associated.

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