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On September 12, 2017
Last modified:February 9, 2018


Lots of music and video streaming apps are available for Android smartphone to enjoy music. If you have videos or Mp3 songs available in your phone memory or SD card, lots of video & music players are also available to play them without any problem. But, if you want to download a video or Mp3, not a single app is available. So, if Android users want to download a video or music, there is not any simple & straight method available. They always need to use workarounds and go through a lengthy process to download every single video or music file.

Usually, if you want to download a video from YouTube, you need to copy its video URL then search a YouTube video downloader website on Google. When you find one, you need to enter the video URL, wait for few minutes for the website to process your link and then, finally, you get the video downloading link.

Moreover, many of these sites don’t work anymore and those who do contain lots of spam ads, popups, etc. and finally provide video downloading link hidden among lots of fake download buttons to get clicks to their ads by confusing the visitors. If you don’t identify and click on the correct link, you may end up in a loop of infinite popup windows, downloading & installing harmful apps. It is always frustrating to download a video or music on Android phone but, NOT ANYMORE! We now have an app to download videos & music on Android directly. And, the app is InsTube.

What is InsTube?

InsTube is an easy, fast and free video & music downloader app available for Android smartphones and tablets which allow you to download unlimited videos & mp3 songs for free in many different qualities. Popularly known to free download YouTube videos and Soundcloud music, the app supports a wide variety of sites to download multimedia at the fastest speed.

Using InsTube, you don’t even need to open YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, DailyMotion, Liveleak, Vimeo, etc. separately in order to grab the link of their video or audio. You can browse these sites through InsTube inbuilt browser and navigate to desired video or music page.

When you’re on the desired video or music page, tap the red download button provided on the bottom right corner of the app. It will take few seconds to resolve the video/audio URL and then provide all the available audio/video downloading options with different qualities and formats of the multimedia file.

For YouTube videos, InsTube provides download options to download both its audio and videos in many different qualities & formats. Select any required format by marking the tick (√) on it and then click the “Fast Download” button given below. Your audio or video will start downloading instantly.

InsTube uses multiple connections to boost downloading speed up to 4 to 6 times faster than any other multimedia downloader. And, you can, of course, stream videos and music online through InsTube in-built browser. So, while a YouTube video is downloading, why not play other videos to decide what to download next?

Unlike YouTube offline videos feature, downloaded videos and music will be stored in your phone’s memory. So, you can locate them through your file manager and play with any audio and video player you’ve installed on your Android phone. Moreover, you can also share them with your friends via Bluetooth, WhatsApp, Email, WiFi transfer apps, etc.

The Secret Vault

Along with all the cool features of InsTube which facilitate users to stream or download any video or music online, the app comes with a secret locker feature. Instube provides “Private Space” feature to let its users save music and videos privately with added password-protection security. So, if you’ve downloaded some videos or music from InsTube that you don’t want to show to anyone or you already have such songs and videos in your gallery which you want to hide from anyone accesses your phone’s gallery or the app, you can simply put them in this InsTube Private Space area.

So, if you’ve downloaded some videos or music from InsTube that you don’t want to show anyone or you already have such songs and videos in your gallery which you want to hide from anyone accessing your phone’s gallery or app then simply put them in this InsTube Private Space area.

You just need to configure Private Space password for once and then it will be activated to hide all videos and music files that you want. Now, keep your password safe and protected but don’t take much tension because even if someone somehow gets to know your InsTube Private Space password, you can always change it through Private Space Settings.

Wrapping it Up

For all the users who frequently download music or videos on their phone, InsTube is an essential app to keep because it is making downloading so much easier that once you start using the app, you won’t look at any other method. It is a very small, 5.5MB app which doesn’t consume much space of your phone but provides such important features that you always wished to have on your Android phone.

Currently, InsTube supports 30 most popular videos and music streaming websites which fulfill most of its users’ need but if you want the app to add support for any other music/video streaming website, you can send the request using app settings.

All in all, InsTube works as an awesome music & video downloader, a web browser and a powerful locker to hide your desired videos and music files. So, if you’re too strict to keep only a specific number of apps on your phone then you know that using InsTube can eliminate the need for at least 3 other important apps of your phone.

It surely is worth a try. To try the app please follow this link – Download InsTube Video & Music Download for Free.

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