How to Remove DRM from iTunes Movies & Convert M4V Files

Due to the awesome video and audio quality we get from iTunes, everyone loves to watch movies from Apple iTunes. Movies purchased or rented from iTunes are in Full HD and have AC3 5.1 sound and they are available instantly as soon as a movie gets released. So, most of the people who don’t have time to go to a theatre to watch the latest movie but still want to watch the latest movies at home in high-definition prefer iTunes Movies.

Quality-wise, iTunes movies are best quality movies but they come with a limitation encoded inside their data stream which limits their access as to how many times you can play them, on what devices you can play them and if you can copy/convert the movie or not. This virtual limitation is implemented by DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology that comes with M4V videos files. And, of course, it is the most annoying feature because even if you’ve purchased a movie from iTunes, its strings are still attached to Apple iTunes.

So, everyone wants to remove DRM protection from iTunes Movies to have full rights on how they use the purchased or rented movies. If you also want to remove DRM then today I am going to explain how you can remove DRM from iTunes movies in just 3 steps.

Not only DRM removal, I am also going to tell you how you can convert M4V video files to other video formats so that you can play those videos on any of your devices any number of times. And, all of it using one simple software – DRMare M4V Converter which is available for Mac as well as Windows operating system.

What is DRMare M4V Converter

DRMare M4V Converter is an efficient and small software which allows users to permanently remove DRM protection from both rented and purchased iTunes movies. It is a simple-to-use software where users can convert as many iTunes movies as they want to remove their DRM protection instantly. DRMare M4V Converter allows users to remove DRM protection from unlimited iTunes movies at very fast speed.

Not only this, the software can convert any M4V iTunes movie file to any other video format losslessly so that you can enjoy watching your favorite movie on any of your devices, copy it unlimited times, share it with unlimited friends and watch as many times as you want.

How to Remove DRM from iTunes Movies using DRMare M4V Converter

Through its M4V Converter, DRMare has made it very easy and straightforward for everyone to remove DRM from iTunes movies without needing any sort of technical knowledge prior to using the software. For both Windows & MAC versions of DRMare M4V Converter, you need to follow 3 simple steps to remove DRM from any iTunes movie and convert it to any other desired video format.

I am providing the steps to remove DRM protection from iTunes Movies & convert it other video formats using DRMare M4V Converter through macOS but steps are similar for both MAC and Windows OS. Follow the steps below –

Depending on your operating system, download DRMare M4V Converter for MAC here or download DRMare M4V Converter for Windows here. Once downloaded, install the software and open it, you should see this simple home screen:

You can either drag your iTunes Movies in the middle or browse them inside your system by clicking “Drag M4V files into this area”.

Step 1: Add as many iTunes Movies as you want by dragging M4V iTunes Movie files or browsing them on your PC. At this time, you can also specify the place where the software would save converted videos by clicking on the folder icon provided in Output settings at the bottom menu of the DRMare M4V Converter.

Step 2: Now, you need to choose the converted video format. To do this, click on the Format setting provided through the bottom menu of M4V Converter, it will open a small pop-up to allow you to choose different audio and video formats. Select desired video format and click OK.

Step 3: Finally, when you have added desired iTunes Movie files and selected required video format to which you want added videos to get converted, click on the square-shaped Convert button available at the bottom-right corner of DRMare M4V Converter. It will start removing DRM protection from added M4V video files and converting them to desired video formats simultaneously.

To check audio/video quality, you can either play converted files directly inside DRMare M4V Converter or go to the Converted folder where the software has saved converted files.

Wrapping it Up

We have personally tested DRMare M4V Converter and found that it does a great job in converting iTunes Movies from M4V to many other video formats losslessly. So, it is a reliable software to remove DRM protection, convert iTunes M4V movies to any other video format so as to play in any of your devices.

DRMare M4V Converter is available in both free and paid versions. If you have only a few DRM removal tasks, the free version of the software will be enough but if you have a lot of DRM removal tasks or you want to enjoy batch processing, unlimited conversion, etc. then it is recommended to purchase the PRO version of DRMare M4V Converter.

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