Top 10 Most Useful Apple Watch Apps You Should Install

Apple Watch Series Smartwatches are definitely the best kind of smartwatch you can buy. They put Samsung, Fitbit, Pebble, Xiaomi out of the question while making selection due to its stylish look, smooth interface and feature-loaded operating system. Not only the Apple Watch Series 4 even the older Apple Smartwatches – Series 2 and Series 3 and still better than many new smartwatches launched by top brands.

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch comes with some cool pre-loaded apps which increase the productivity but that not all. If you want to make your Apple Watch more awesome then we have shortlisted some of the best Apple watch apps in different categories. From Fitness to Productivity to Weather to Navigation and many other categories, find out the list of Top 10 most popular Apple watch apps.

Browse through the list and we are sure you will find some very useful Apple Watch apps to make your smartwatch even more awesome!

Best Apple Watch Calculator App: Calcbot

If you are in need of performing calculations on the go then this Watch App is your best choice! You can use this Apple Watch App without frantically trying to grab your phone to do the calculations while you are on the move.

Price: Free + IAP

Calcbot Apple Watch App

Best Apple Watch Weather App: CARROT Weather

If you don’t want to get baked in the sun or frozen to death, you will possibly need this app to give you the information about the weather. Carrot Weather presents a magnificent Apple Watch app interface which is packed with all the information that you might need about the weather. The apps AI lets you customize the icons as per your liking and if you are not being too snarky you can subscribe to the apps’ premium IAP- it is worth every penny.

Price: $4.99 +IAP

CARROT Weather App for Apple Watch Series

Best Apple Watch app for Tracking WorkoutStrava

It is arguably the best fitness app that you can find! This Apple Watch app has fully enfolded GPS tracked running and cycling for serious runners and cyclists. You can nail the distances on the watch and the results are very reliable for some dedicated running or honest cycling this is the best Watch Apps you can find on the Apple Store. Being a standalone app you can use this Apple Watch App without your iPhone.

Price: Free + IAP

Strava App for Apple Watch Series

Best Apple Watch Productivity App: Things 3

If you are looking forward to organizing your day to day activities then this is the best app you can find. Things is a gorgeous task manager, and is one of the best, from the raft of apps you can find on the Apps Store. You can sort out the priorities that you want to do today and can sort them under categories like Today, Upcoming and Anytime views. This Apple Watch app is built with the aim to help you to properly focus on your current tasks which is displayed on your primary screen. You can tick it off when complete. You can also view more details about the task by tapping on each task and gives you excellent visual feedback. You will find a circle under Today which shows you how many tasks you have completed and as and when you finish a task it gets added on.

Price: $9.99

Things 3 for Apple Watch Series

Best Apple Watch Public Transit App: Citymapper

This is the king of the public transport app available for iOS. This Watch App will not disappoint you if you want to navigate your way around using public transport. The Apple Watch app uses your location through GPS tracking and gives you piecemeal instruction to facilitate you to move around using public transport. It gives you precise information about departures from all types of public transport and even taps you on the wrist to let you know that you have reached your stop.

Price: Free

Citymapper for Apple Watch

Best Apple Watch Weather Forecast App: Dark Sky

This is yet another great Apple Watch App which is all about weather. Imagine you wish to take your dog out for a walk but are not sure whether is going to rain, this amazing App can be very useful. This app lets you know what kind of weather you might find in your local area. The app is very handy especially when you want to know whether it will rain or snow in your immediate vicinity. This Apple Watch App warns you an hour in advance and provides you with a visual timeline of the amount of rain you can expect and for how long.

Price: $3.99

Dark Sky App for Apple Watch

Best Apple Watch Mail App: Spark

Spark is one of the most popular email apps for iPhones and is also irresistible in its transition to Apple’s circumscribed screen the Apple Watch. Simplicity is the game here, and Spark keeps it very simple for you to help you to focus on email, letting to glance through the emails, and you can, at a glance check whether the mails are personal emails or newsletters. Spark is the best mail manager you can have for you watch. This Apple Watch App has large colorful buttons for each section, that lights up when a message relevant to that section arrives. You can then decide promptly the action you want to take- whether you wish to reply to it, snooze, archive or delete it Spark allows you to do it without any discomfort. You can also check your inbox, pinned emails, archives and your sent messages.

Price: Free

Spark for Apple Watch

Best Apple Watch Notes App: Cheatsheet

If you are always forgetting small things and cannot remember small details like your new phone number, passwords or ATM pin, Cheatsheet is your best friend. This Apple Watch App helps you to make a short list of quick notes which you can store in your Apple Watch. Each of these cheat-sheets can have its own icons so that you can easily spot them.  You can set each item to appear on your primary Watch screen.

Price: Free + iAP

Cheatsheet for Apple Watch

Best Apple Watch app for wellbeing: Streaks

Practicing good habits is a way to lead a quality life. Keeping in mind about this important aspect of life, apps developers have come up with this fantastic Apple Watch app named Streaks. Streaks enables you to define up to 12 habits and shove it into your Apple Watch. They can be a one-off task or timed tasks, which can be completed in a certain number of times per week and month. This flexible Apple Watch app lets you track your tasks and you can run your timers and mark the tasks when it is completed.

Price: $4.99

Streaks app for Apple Watch

Best Apple Watch Audio Recording App: Just Press Record

This is a very efficient app to perform quick recordings You can simply tap the record button and capture or record some audio. When finished simply stop the recording and the audio track is then stored in the cloud and you can use a complication to play your recording automatically. You can also talk to your Watch and get a text file of what you said.

Price: $4.99

Just Press Record for Apple Watch

Best Apple Watch App to track your hydration- Water Minder

It might not be as jazzy as the other fitness apps but this Watch App fulfills a very important function to remind you about your body’s hydration. Water Minder keeps a track of your water intake based on your present health data and reminds you how much water you should drink on a given day. So now you can forget about getting too exhausted and dehydrated after a work- out because WaterMinder is here to keep you on the top and track your daily intakes.

Price: $4.99 + iAP

Water Minder for Apple Watch

So, these are some of the best apps we have found for your Apple Watch Series. Let us know which of the above-listed apps you are going to install in your Apple Watch. Did we miss any important Apple watch app? Comment it down!

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