GNation Monetization Options and Features

GNation is an ecosystem that features the worldwide community of game developers, gamers and people who are interested in games (esportsmen, investors, publishers, developers, bloggers, etc.). Now GNation has enough knowledge and skills, and its team is constantly improving. There are not so many similar platforms on the market, and GNation stands out among its competitors with a transparent open source system.

On Gnation platform game developers will be able to combine their financial and marketing interests with the demands of gamers. Due to openness, anyone who wishes to become a program partner can integrate their game into the platform and join the tournament system.

For the last two years, GNation claims to deliver digital solutions to the global community of gamers and people related to the gaming industry. For many casual people, the image of a gamer is an unsightly sight-an over-age child that “stuck in his toys.” However, GNation seeks to show the world that gamers are the same people with their hobbies. Some of them become professional sportsmen in competitive tournaments, receive real money prizes and can even spend them on charity just by playing games. Is it bad? The project allows you to show the game as a way to make the world a better place through simple actions that bring pleasure to the user. Winning tournaments can help someone to beat cancer.

Multiple ways of GNation monetization via the supported coins and products

GNation intends to create a next-gen ecosystem featuring multiple monetization options and unique digital products. The main priority for GNation team is to deliver the utmost security standards for investors and users of this new ecosystem. Due to the continuous improvement of production technology and their own knowledge, current and future investors can be sure about the safety of their data. Among the GNation partners is such a world giant as Microsoft, which can serve as a “quality mark” of products. Nowadays it is very important to present oneself in the market, because people choose a product based on qualities they know. Microsoft is widely known and inspires confidence by a wide number of users that will certainly be an excellent advertisement.

In addition, the GNation team is currently working with Microsoft to release new digital products for the global gaming community. Soon we can expect new games and add-ons to them to appear, and thanks to the GShare system, it becomes possible to purchase game items for internal currency – that greatly simplifies the game and makes it most enjoyable.

In addition, the new system will allow you to make direct donations to various charity projects. The charity will not be a subject of additional interest and remains at the discretion of the user. However, as you know, many people would make contributions to the charity projects if this procedure becomes easier. In the GNation ecosystem, donations are elementary, a teenager will cope with them, and the opportunity to earn game currency will make his choice conscious and independent.

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