15 Apps Like Uber for Ride Sharing on Android & iOS

Traveling is made easy by cabs, taxi and carpooling services which are being offered by Uber, FakeTaxi, Lyft, Ola and many other services. Just using a smartphone app, you can book ride and it will come to your doorstep to pick you and drop wherever you want in the city. The fare is also quite impressive but NOT ALWAYS. Uber has peak hours more often than not so, for the same distance on the same cab, you could be charged twice or thrice.

Even if you are willing to pay for the price, Uber usually have more frequency of cabs in popular areas. If your area isn’t popular, you might even have situations when no rides are available near you. At that time, depending on just Uber is foolish. You should have apps like Uber installed in your phone so that, you can book rides using these Uber Alternatives if the ride is not available in Uber.

Uber Rides

There are many car-pooling and ridesharing/ ride-hailing services available but most of them don’t have much reach and hence availability. We have handpicked best 15 apps like Uber who are providing the same level of ridesharing services as Uber. They offer different size cars, 4 wheelers, 2 wheelers for ride-hailing or reserve booking via simple mobile apps. I am providing the best Uber alternatives with their Android and iOS download links through the below table to make it easy for you to install.

Apps Like Uber



Juno - A New Way to Ride[LINK][LINK]
Curb - The Taxi App[LINK][LINK]
Via - Affordable Ride-sharing[LINK][LINK]
Ola Cabs[LINK][LINK]
Waze Carpool[LINK][LINK]
Easy - Taxi, Car, Ridesharing[LINK][LINK]
Hailo - The Taxi Booking App[LINK][LINK]

So, visit their links to know more about any specific Uber alternative, check out if its service is available in your area, if it is, then install these apps. This list of apps like Uber is only destined to increase. So, bookmark this article so that you can come back to check out new better apps like Uber for ride-sharing.

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