Why Baubax 2.0 is the World’s Best Travel Jacket [Review]

Visiting new places, exploring nature, trekking, doing adventures appears a lot of fun for people who love to travel. If you’re a frequent traveler then you know a lot of preparation is required to make your traveling successful. Once you start your journey, there is no going back so you need to make sure that you’re having all essential tools, gadgets & items that you might need on your journey. People start preparing for their travel weeks ago by creating a long checklist and cross-checking items with the list.

Still, many times, some important things missed. Sometimes, we forget to take our phone charger. Sometimes, we forget to carry gloves. Many times, the issue is having fewer pockets, few carry bags and less space that’s why we had to left some items behind which we miss throughout our journey.

But, you don’t need to struggle anymore because BAUBAX LLC has come up with an innovative idea of smart travel jacket which is not only providing you a lot of extra space & pockets but also offering lots of inbuilt features which will cut down your traveling checklist by half.

The smart travel jacket is, what they call – Baubax2.0. Baubax 2.0 travel jacket is manufactured with Built-in Neck Pillow, Eye Mask, Gloves, Blanket, Footrest, Bottle, and 12 utility pockets. These jackets look smart, slim and can be used while traveling or in your everyday life. Do you believe, this smart jacket comes up with 25 amazing features, each one of them to make your journey better. Baubax offers four styles – Bomber, Sweatshirt, Vest, and windbreaker with a greater choice of colors for both men and women in the price range $200 – $300.

Read the article further to know all amazing features of Baubax 2.0 smart travel jacket.

Neck Pillow & Eye Mask

If you tried sleeping on a tray table in a flight journey, then you must know the worth of the Neck Pillow. The neck pillow is available inside the pocket of the hood and it can be easily taken out and tucked in, whenever you want. Just pull it out of the hood to have an inflated neck pillow and even nice sleep. The best thing about the pillow is having a removable and washable cover.

This mask is present at the top of the hood and can be pulled out and tucked in, as per your need. Though it is not as effective as a wraparound eye mask, it can surely provide enough darkness to not get disturbed by the bright lights.


Gloves can be pulled out and fold back when you want. The person who is often cold can be benefited most from them. These gloves come as an attachment to the long-shirt sleeves having a thumb hole which is comfortable to move your hand freely.

Travel Footrest

The travel footrest present in the dedicated pocket of the jacket comes with quick inflation and easy deflation. You can position your legs on this footrest comfortably and can enjoy the deep sleep without any ankle and foot swelling. This footrest works great for the people who have short legs or whose foot doesn’t touch the floor.

Travel Blanket

Thanks to the idea of lightweight travel blanket in the travel jacket. The way the blanket folded and stored inside the pocket is impressive. Though the blanket is lightweight, it can provide you with enough warmth required to get a good sleep.

AirPods Strips

Small loops are present behind the neck to help you don’t lose AirPods when they slip out of your ears. How many times have you lost your AirPods listening to music while doing other activities?

AirPods Holder

Never lose your AirPods. AirPods holder that comes with Baubax travel jacket helps you carry the AirPods or other wireless earbuds safely and ensure the comfortable fitting of AirPods in the holder.

Travel Bottle

Feeling thirsty on long flight journeys and waiting for the flight attendant to serve water is really a pain. So Baubax Travel jacket comes with a foldable water bottle that can be stored in a pocket.


No more you will be interrupted by the loud voices in the journey. Baubax travel jacket comes with earplugs in its dedicated pocket. Put them in your ears and forget the world!

Tablet Pocket

The pocket is big enough to place an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tablet and avoids a separate place in your fully filled bag. Also, you can place any narrow-width book if you don’t have a tablet.

Charger Pocket

Charger pocket is placed right below the phone pocket to make it convenient for the people to charge their phone. Also, Baubax is planning to introduce built-in charging system which is really helpful.

Pencil/Pen Pocket

Have you ever seen a pencil pocket in the travel jacket! It’s really amazing that you have a long and thin pocket for placing pen or pencil in the jacket. This is mostly useful for the people who have a habit of writing or drawing every day, even while traveling.

Sunglass Pocket

You also have a dedicated pocket for sunglasses to carry them with you always. The pocket for sunglasses is given inside the jacket to ensure the safety. There is also an elastic loop where you can hook the glasses so that they hang out and makes the accessibility easy. So don’t ever miss your style and comfort anytime!

Microfiber Cloth

A small microfiber cloth is present inside the sunglasses pocket to clean the glasses. Though we know how important a microfiber cloth is, we often forget it while going out and also it is very easy to lose. So, providing a microfiber cloth is really a great idea, for the people who use glasses.

Passport Pocket

Of course, passport pocket is essential to not lose it anywhere in a hurry, while traveling. In Baubax travel jacket, a passport pocket is present top-right with a zipper ensuring the passport safety.

Drink Pocket

To the left side of the chest, a pocket is dedicated to keeping any drink. A small coke tin will fit in it easily. Also, a zipper is provided to the pocket. So there is no need to miss an amazing drink in journey while reading your favorite books.

Retractable Keychain

There is no fear of losing the keys with a retractable keychain Carabiner.  The two front hand warming pockets have built-in loops that allow locking the Carabiner.

Wrapping it Up

Baubax travel jacket can easily replace your backpack. If you have a habit of carrying a lot of books while traveling, you can carry a backpack and dedicate it to the books and rest of the articles will be taken care by this travel jacket. Also, some features like a neck pillow, footrest, and pockets for holding different things are really helpful.

Baubax travel jacket is a Kickstarter crowdfunded product. The last date to close funding is April 15, 2018. So, if you love this amazing travel jacket, then make sure to back this project on Kickstarter before the funding ends. Visit Baubax 2.0 Travel Jacket on Kickstarter

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