How to Keep Yourself Motivated

Motivation is a word which is complete in itself. This word itself defines “to have the courage to do anything possible”. It is a powerful mantra that anyone has to make impossible things possible. Many successful people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Kalpana Chawla, Neil Armstrong, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam etc. and much more represented the best examples of motivation. Maybe all these successful and expert people are different from each other but all these have one thing in common – “the motivation, the enthusiasm, the courage and the inspiration to do anything”.

Motivation comes from inside. There is also a famous saying- “Even an expert now was once a beginner”. In this competitive world, it is very difficult to get motivated all the time. Everybody has to struggle for even small-small things. Everyone has his/her own personal problems, stress and tensions which are not easy to cope up with. Anything that started from scratch, and till its finish, one gets tired after some time and gets de-motivated. And at that time, one has to start pushing themselves by believing in himself and having a strong will-power that yes, I can do it.

A little progress with some motivation every day adds up to big results. Being happy and positive all the time is little thing that adds to big change in your perspective. Motivation cannot come from someone’s advice or suggestion. Doing things of your own interest can make you feel relaxed and motivated and gaining a positive energy that “Yes, I can do this”.

Motivation is a thing that can show the right way to achieve greater heights in life. Just like “life without challenges is incomplete” or “clapping cannot be done with one hand only”, similarly, “success without failure has no meaning”. The real taste of success only comes with motivation, inspiration and enthusiasm. Always remember one thing, success makes you a good person and failure makes you a stronger person. Whatever we do in our daily life like learning yoga, losing weight, learning a new technology, a new subject or anything, we need some motivation. Motivation has no end. Failure comes every time, but keep pushing yourselves by motivation and having some courage with a strong belief in yourself that yes, we can do it, then nobody can stop you to get success.

Here are some of the motivational quotes that will surely inspire as well as motivate you to lead a good life:-

  1. Try, Try, and Try, until you succeed.
  2. Don’t stop when you are tired, stop when you are done.
  3. Wake up with determination; do work with dedication and go to bed with satisfaction.
  4. Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try.
  5. Where there is a will, there is a way.

There is not any problem made in this world that you cannot solve it. But the only thing you have to remember is, there are infinite solutions to the problem and endless ways to find the solution to the problem. Sometimes thinking about the results, people get de-motivated. The fear of failure can let you down often but even fear has two meanings:-

F-Forget, E-Everything, A-And, R-Run and F-Face, E-Everything, A-And, R-Rise

Here are some of the tips to stay motivated all the time:-

  1. Listening motivational songs
  2. Reading motivational books/stories
  3. Reading motivational quotes/slogans
  4. Remembering all your previous achievements that you got in the past
  5. Looking up your certificates, you awards that you got earlier for your successful achievements
  6. Watching movies of people giving you motivation
  7. Playing interesting games like puzzles, logical games etc. which will not only give you motivation but make you smarter as well.

Something is better than nothing. May be you do not get the finish line, but yes, you still have that inner satisfaction that you gave your 100% and no regrets that you haven’t tried. Remember efforts to learn anything never get wasted. The examples of motivation are countless. Everything in the environment around you- plants, animals, humans, insects, birds etc. gives you motivation, at every step. A best example of motivation is “spider”. Like how a spider makes its web and keep trying to make it. A small “ant” wants to climb a long wall. It falls many times but still tries its best and finally, reaches the top of the wall. A small child of 3 years tries to learn walking, falls many times and after a lot of hard work, it gets mastered in walking. Nothing can stop you if you believe in yourself. Always remember that “A motivated person is happier than a successful person”.

Life is another example of motivation. Living a comfortable life everyday is also a big struggle. Every day, we eat, we sleep, we walk, we talk, whatever we do, and it is complete without motivation. Motivation will get your mind feel relaxed and stay calm all the time and you can do your work more quickly and easily. Don’t worry, “Life will give you enough chances at every phase to excel in anything, but it’s only up to you, how to use those opportunities to make your life better and lucrative”.

Just like this little soul is the driver of this material body, similarly, a little motivation is the driving force to achieve the goal or dream – but without courage, enthusiasm and a positive attitude, motivation is nothing but a vehicle without a motor. “The more time you give yourself to complete a goal, the more likely you’ll achieve it”. Face every challenge with motivation and complete it with dedication and determination to get forever lasting success. Motivation is like a hidden talent which needs to be found out by challenging yourself at every stage of life and see a new and better person in you, now even more confident. It is like a test that you have to pass every time without thinking about the fear of failure.

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