How to Sell Used Books at Good Price: Offline & Online

Stairs to success can be achieved only by good knowledge and knowledge comes from the quality of books you read at various stages of life, irrespective of its condition i.e, whether used or brand new. Many times people having books prefer to keep them at their home after reading or sell it to the rag picker at very low prices. The reason behind such practices is lack of knowledge about where to sell their books for better use and good price.

Also, sometimes the condition of books are also not too good so they feel ashamed reselling these books but, they need to know that there are many people outside who can’t afford new books and are looking for second-hand, used books. So, rather than keep these book in the home or selling them to rag pickers, it’s better for them to sell these books to someone in need as they will give a good price for them.

Now the question arises that how to sell these books in order to get a good amount in exchange? To help you out, I have divided the selling of books into categories i.e. tips to sell book offline and tips to sell books offline for good price.

Tips on How to Sell Books Offline

  • You can sell your old used books offline i.e. to your junior students if you are in school or in the colleges. They will easily buy the books from you because in used books they can find a lot of the study materials in it.
  • You can sell your used books to student living in your neighbor. It might be possible that they are not that rich to afford the new books so they will easily buy.
  • You can put up a board outside your house telling people that the kind of books available so that they can approach you.
  • You can sell books to the shopkeepers who buy/sell books. They will easily buy old books from you because a lot of students approach them for the old books which are too costly to be bought if you go for a new piece.
  • Don’t mind if your books are not in good conditions. Even in poor quality, you can sell your books and too at good prices but to get a good price you need to do some modifications.  Laminate the book – by lamination it will make them look good and hence, they can be reused.
  • There are a lot of other ways where you can easily sell your books i.e. the other place is the college, school or public libraries they will buy these books from you if they are in good conditions. In libraries, many people come to read books and thus due to the shortage of books they are not able to collide with any piece. So, they will easily buy books from and that to a good price.
  • Teachers can also buy used books whether they are school teachers or tuition teachers as they require books for teaching. So, rather than spending on the new books, they feel better to buy the old books.
  • Also that if got a stock of novels or bibliography you can give ad in the newspaper through which any book lover will approach you very easily

Tips on How to Sell Books Online

  • You can sell your books at very good prices at top sites like,, the above mention sites are those where you can sell your used books at the best prices and that too easily and very soon the condition is you need to pay some of the profit to them.
  •, the above mention sites takes an annual fees of $19.99 for selling atleast100 books annually.
  • Instead of that if you got a stock of used books i.e. a large amount of books then you can open a site and sell your books as well as you can invite others to come and sell their books.
  • Even on social levels as well i.e. on Facebook and Instagram. the way you can sell the books is you can give advertisements on these areas to your friends as well as the other people and can sell them.
  • If you got a YouTube channel then you can make a video in which you can make video and upload it on YouTube channel thus as people will surf your channel more people will come across and the one interested I  it can buy from you
  • Now a days having a Gmail account is very much important and in very much I trend as you get connected to all the social sites through it and by using Gmail you can compose a mail and send it to your known and further to more and thus advertising and your chance of selling increases.
  • Also on LinkedIn the thing you have to do is that you can link your LinkedIn account with your old used book stores and can sell them at professional levels as well.

Wrapping it Up

So, finally I conclude that instead of making the books rag by keeping books at home or selling it to rag pickers it’s better to sell them  to the people in need this way they can get the books of their choice at the prices which suits them as well as to the sellers this will help them both. As the seller will be able to retrieve some of the money which they have spent on buying these books as well as to the buyers they will not have to pay much for the same books.

And, if you like, you can donate books to needed children through Paytm Mission Million Books which is an initiative launched by Paytm where some staff member themselves come to your home, collect books and deliver it to needed students to help make India a better country.

Bradley Wood is a freelance writer who lives in Pomona, Los Angeles. He is pursuing graduation from the University of California (UC). Bradley frequently contributes his high-quality articles in Academics and Education to our site to help students in their day-to-day life.