Passing The Microsoft 70-347 Exam to Become Microsoft Office Specialist

Generally speaking, Microsoft Office certifications are facultative certificates that can prove your specified competency in one or more programs of Microsoft Office. Any employee can easily demonstrate his or her skills and proficiency with the programs of Microsoft computer, after acquiring the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification. You can choose to have certification in more than one programs organized by Microsoft but you need to pass Microsoft 70-347 Enabling Office 365 Services exam. The programs include Word, PowerPoint or Excel. Prior to the commencement of the examination, you have the choice of attending training where you can guide yourself or take part in the normal computer training and workshops.

There is no special step as prerequisite needed before you can participate in the MOS certification exams which can then be upgraded to MCSA or better yet MCSE certification.Here is the step by step on how to become a Microsoft MOS certified specialist:

Step One: Acquire Basic Computer Skills

Prior to your becoming a Microsoft certified specialist, it is very important to get the fundamental computer skills. Prep Away Microsoft MCSA MCSE 70-346 70-347 testking pass4sure dumps for Enabling Office 365 Services exam unlike other Microsoft certification exams help in training for the Microsoft programs together with the operating systems. For this reason, you have to register for the basic computer program in order to have computer skills or go for a program that will let you learn a particular skill, for instance, how you can operate on the Internet and all the learning help will be provided from sites like prepaway.

Step Two: Register for Programs on Microsoft Office

After you have learnt the basic computer skills, the next thing to do is to register for the programs in the Microsoft Office. Even though, individuals can have the ability to teach each other on how to make use of the Microsoft 70-347 Enabling Office 365 Services and pass the exam on the college level and the workshops provide the professional training that can teach the student on the suitable way of using all the program features, all these details are normally covered on the tests of certification. Both colleges and universities usually give programs under various levels of skills such as fundamental (basic), intermediate and advanced. Each of the classes normally deals with only the Microsoft Office software courses like Word, Excel, Outlook, Access or PowerPoint.

Step Three: Select a Certification Course

If you want to become a Microsoft certified specialist 70-347 Exam, the next thing to do is to select a software program however Microsoft Office 365 exam doesn’t give any other options for your certification. You can get a credential for all programs in the Microsoft Office but each certificate requires passing various examinations. are a worker who create and update such documents as invitations, newsletters, manuals or press releases, surely you will benefit from this program by getting the MOS Word certification. However, if you are a professional that often offers presentations, then the MOS PowerPoint credential will be a greater advantage for you.

Step Four: Attempt Certification Examinations

The last thing to do after going through step one to three is to register for certification examination(s). This kind of certification exams are only used via the testing centers that are authorized by Microsoft. Each of these tests must be completed within an hour and thirty minutes. In the exam questions, the applicants will be asked to complete a question with the aid of using the right tools in the software program. For instance, the MOS PowerPoint certification exam could request the applicants to create a slideshow by engrafted video links.

If you are taking the Microsoft 70-347 certification exam in order to become a specialist, after its completion you will be able to glance through the result of your test. Those who are fortunate to pass the exam will be recognized certified officially and will be giving a MOS certificate via their mail same as other Microsoft certification programs like MCSE or MCSA. Those applicants that failed the exam have the chance to file dispute about the answers that were marked incorrect or better still take the exam again.

At times, there are some job positions that need this certification but it can definitely improve the potential recruitment of the applicant. For instance, those job posts that this certification could be helpful to the secretary and legal assistant or administrative assistant. According to the research of salary data from the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the paralegals that has one the Microsoft certifications can earn a mean annual salary of $52,390 while the administrative assistances and secretaries can earn almost $35,200 can be earned averagely in a year in each bureau. The salary can be however improved by doing more advanced MCSE & MCSA Certifications.

Duties and Job Description

Those candidates that obtain the Microsoft Office Specialist 70-347 certification generally have a broad range of job responsibilities. This credential validates proficiency for the candidate in the Microsoft software for the productivity in the office and such include Excel, Word and PowerPoint. All these are the tools used always by those working in the offices.

For instance, an office administrator or an administrative assistant take advantage from the Microsoft office specialist certification due to the fact that they can often make use of Office programs to compile correspondence by making use of the word processing, e-mail programs, analyze and present data with Excel. Also, typists can make use of the Microsoft programs often to setup, prepare business reports, mailing labels, letters and other text and passing the Microsoft 70-347 exam is one of the key aspects. The MOS certification shows that these workers can easily complete these tasks effectively and within the time range. There are upgraded levels of certifications from Microsoft like MCSA & MCSE if candidates want to shine their resume even more.

Other kinds of the MOS certification manage the quantitative information such as data entry workers. These are the set of people that helps to input huge quantity of numbers or the other data from the personal, medical or financial records into the Excel. Furthermore, other data workers help to prepare or format the statistical tables or better still, master copies of the complicated reports. The other positions that need the use of computer often helps keep track of calls in Excel or text document, and they would benefit from the Microsoft Office Specialist certification. Example of such is the customer service representative.

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