How to Get Expert Help for Windows 10 Operating System

Windows 10 is not more complex but a bit different operating system from all of the earlier versions of Windows. If you are new to Windows 10 and working on a PC having Windows 10 installed, it might take you  some time to understand how things work in this OS. In the meantime, if you run into some trouble or you want to do something in Windows 10 PC for which you don’t have any ideas, you should not try it all by yourself. Especially if you have important files in your PC.

At the least, you require a direction on from where to start instead of doing experiments. You can find answers to many general questions about Windows 10 by simply performing Google search about the issue(s). But if you are required to be very cautious, you need trustworthy source to get help about Windows 10. You can’t trust any random search result shown in Google from any website because there’s not guarantee that the steps/guide provided on those websites will help you with your Windows 10 issue. Worst, it can brick your PC if the task is delicate.

So, to save you from the unnecessary time wastage or trouble that you might invite by following any random guide to resolve issue of your Windows 10 PC, I am telling few trustworthy sources where you can ask help for Windows 10. These are reputable communities/forums where many Windows experts are available to resolve your problem.

Microsoft Windows Support Forum

The first place you want to look is Microsoft’s official Windows Support Forum because it is the forum managed by Windows staff. So, for every question users ask, official Windows staff are here to answer or verify other users’ answer.  Windows 10 users should follow this below link to visit Microsoft Support Forum for Windows 10:

Visit the page and you’ll be redirected to Microsoft Windows 10 support forum’s index page. Here, from the middle search-bar, you can search for the problems you are facing in your Windows 10 and if you can’t find it, you can create your own thread to post your problem and ask for help in your Windows 10.

As this is official Windows support forum, you’ll definitely get safest approach to resolve your issue in Windows 10. However, replies in this forum as slow. So, you might want to look for other Windows forum if you want urgent help for your Windows 10 issue.

Also, if the thing you’re asking is unethical or kind of system tweak that impose risk on your Windows or its guarantee, you will not get any help from this official Windows support forum. That’s one more reason as to why you should ask for help in Windows 10 non-official forums.

Ask the Super User Community

Super User is the part of Stack Exchange Inc, the most trusted support community which manages over 168 forums. At Super User, there are many expert available for Windows, MAC, Linux, Networking, Apps, Software and Hardware. So, if you want help for your Windows 10, put your query in the forum and many expert will come forward to resolve your problem. These experts are Windows enthusiasts, developers and some are directly from Microsoft too.

Super User community users are way more advanced. Solutions to many crucial Windows problem was only found through Super User forum. Many users may answer your question but answers are checked and only working method gained verified answer tag.  So, explain your problem and ask nicely. I am sure your Win 10 problem will be resolved.

Browse non-official Windows Forums

As Windows is most popular operating system, many developers created various Windows forums to troubleshoot Windows users problems, give tips & advice, provide hacks and more. However, if we shrink down to only the active & trustworthy Windows forums list, there are only few forums. However, they are very active so, they are worth browsing if you want fix to your Windows 10 problem really quick. Some of the most popular & active Windows forums are:

If you are very desperate, you can post your question in Yahoo! Answers or to get help from any expert who is following these forums.

Wrapping Up

Above mentioned are great resources to get all the help you might need regarding Windows 10. However, if you need personal assistance, you can either Contact Windows team here or contact your PC/Laptop’s support desk. After they are there for you. So, they will certainly help you with your issue.

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