Pros & Cons of Having A Fitness Tracker

During recent times fitness enthusiasts have increased all credit goes to hectic but sedentary lifestyle. Lifestyle of people during recent time have gone through sea change from the times when people preferred walking down the lane to nowadays when even for 100 meters of distance people prefer to hire a cab, reasons may vary from person to person like some doesn’t have enough time or other ho might think that when facility is available why to opt for walking instead.

Such lifestyle leads to various diseases. Hence now people have started being health conscious and the market for fitness trackers, for monitoring your fitness progress has been growing by leaps and bounds. A huge number of the online platform are selling fitness trackers like e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart etc.

There are various fitness trackers available in the market. You can choose from variety of option available ranging from a ring or smartwatch or wristband etc. which will keep you updated about your various fitness parameters like number of calories burned, your heart rate, number of hours you slept, your deep sleep time or your heartbeat or your blood pressure or the distance you walked all day long or the number of steps you walked. There can be a numerous number of things what your fitness tracker can do, there is no limit to it.

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Pros of having a fitness tracker

There are various pros of fitness tracker; few of them are as given below:

Personal fitness Assistant

Your fitness tracker serves as your personal fitness assistant that works especially for you, it is the dedicate one that tracks your each and every moment and helps you discover the number of steps you covered , the calories you burned etc which can further help you to make change accordingly in your lifestyle as required you can increase or reduce your activity. You can easily know which fitness activity works in the best way for you. It gives you information about your heart rate which you can keep in check and consult a doctor whenever required. Therefore it has hassle free usage which can be put to the best possible use.

Chase your  Fitness Goal

Your fitness tracker makes you competitive and determined to chase your fitness goals. The numbers of your calories that you wish to burn and the distance you want to cover. With the help of simple fitness tracker keeping an eye on your goals is much easier and hassle free as well. It can turn a person into being a fitness enthusiast or at least motivate the person to be healthy & fit. No more bulky equipments to track various parameters of fitness like heart rate , your blood pressure , calories burned etc a simple watch or as small as the ring can provide you with all your fitness parameters.

Alarms you about your health

Fitness trackers are quite useful in determining your health parameters , it alarms you about your health parameters like heart rate , blood pressure etc  you can keep a track on these parameter easily without visiting a doctor or buying bulkier equipments and if any abnormalities are found you can consult your doctor as soon as possible. Some products like the Emfit QS sleep monitor tracks your health well due in advance and keeps an eye over the changing parameters of health if any and alarms you well due in advance about the abnormities found if any. It is a small packet loaded with huge benefits.

Monitors your sleep

Sleep has utmost significance in living a healthy lifestyle, a good sleep is the perquisite for working effectively. And with the help of your fitness  of your fitness tracker you can monitor your sleep, a number of hours you slept and among those hors how many hour of deep sleep you actually took. It compares these statistics with other persons also and tells you statistic about your sleep details. Fitness tracker also gives you suggestions to make your sleep better or just improve your sleeping habits. It monitors you sleeping and works for you day & night long.

Holistic Device

Fitness tracker is an holistic device which comprehensively monitors all the fitness parameters like blood pressure, heart rate etc  through a single small device only you need not to engage multiple devices monitoring different things you need not to engage different devices and make it bulkier and haphazard . It single one devices which has further many benefits attached to the same little device.

Cons of having a fitness tracker


Fitness tracker might not be giving you the exact amount of calories burnt  as some of the activities like house hold cores etc are not counted by fitness tracker. Inaccuracy provides you not the exact picture as is true. It is one of the main concern of using a fitness tracker. Often the calories burned are miscalculated leads to false results.

Awkwardness of wearing a device all day & night

Some people may not prefer wearing a device all day long which is in constant touch with your skin 24X7. It may feel awkward something is monitoring you constantly it may feel irritating sometimes.

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Fitness tracker has their own pros and cons but fitness enthusiasts are on increasing day by day all credit to sedentary life style diseases and obesity that is a high time people have started realizing the value of fitness in everyday life and its importance in leading a happy & blissful life.

While this fitness craze has given rise to a number of fitness devices, fitness tracker is also one of them which helps in tracking your performance , sleep and other parameters constantly and suggests you necessary lifestyle change if requires. It has its own share of cons too but its pros have on the whole overshadowed its cons. It is really beneficially and is very small and compact device which can fit easily and works great. It provides you with enormous data on your health issues that too instantly with a single touch.

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