The Role Of Technology In Health Care

Technology has been on the hot seat because of its negative effect on our health. Many believed that it makes us a couch potato, resulting in many acquired diseases. Others believe that technology has marred our ability to socialize and mingle with each other.

Whilst it’s undoubted there are negative effects of technology, its benefits surpass these downfalls. When used correctly, technology can improve our lives in so many ways. Contrary to other people’s beliefs, would you agree that technology is good for your health?

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Technology has improved our lives in various aspects. Unarguably, healthcare and medicine have benefited the most from the advancement of technology. Thanks to technology, accurate diagnosis, and better prognosis have been made possible. Technology is everywhere in the field of medicine. It’s in the MRI scanners, X-ray machines and even the equipment used for everyday research.

It’s time we look deeper and see how technology contributes to the improvement of health care.

Data Storage And Mining

Because of the increase in population, research, and treatments, there has been a tremendous increase in the amount of data gathered. Not only that, management of data has become complex. Thanks to data mining, data management and accuracy are now possible. Technology has helped healthcare in achieving storage resiliency. These data will come handy in providing better diagnosis and treatment options.

How is data mining applied in health care?

It provides information on the symptoms, causes, and courses of various treatment of a certain condition. This information can be used in designing better medical treatment with a higher success rate. In addition, data mining can help in the detection of abuse and fraud by other laboratories, clinics or physicians. It identifies any abnormal patterns that are worthy of investigation.

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Although data mining has other several applications, it is evident that it has a positive impact on the efficiency of health care. ]

Better Communication Between Patients And Medical Professionals

Technology has provided a platform where patients and medical professionals can have better communication. Health websites are now made available to everyone.

Some of us tend to self-medicate because we don’t like clinics and hospitals in general. Thanks to the internet, a patient can conveniently access the instant messaging of a particular health website. A real nurse or doctor can provide factual answers.

There are also online forums where you can get ideas from people who are experiencing the same symptoms. Some of these forums have doctors and other medical professionals coming into the rescue. Having the ability to access real-time information reduces your worries and anxieties.

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It is important that we stay educated and informed about our health. Because of technology, these information resources are limitless.

Apps For Health

Mobile digital devices have not only influenced our social apps such as Facebook Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram.

A lot of developers have created apps with the purpose of improving our health. If you want to cultivate a healthy habit, you should check out some of these best apps that are good for your health.

  • Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

Developing a nutritious eating habit is not an easy feat, especially when you have to keep track of every calorie that you consumed. This app helps you set your calorie target and keep track of it using a simple and easy format.

  • Sleep Better with Runtastic

This app stands out from the other sleep apps out there because it gives you an overall picture of your sleeping habits. It does not only track the amount of sleep that you have but it also allows you to record other factors that affect your sleep.

  • Sworkit

This app, which stands for “Simply Work It”, is an exercise app that lets you access more than 200 types of exercises demonstrated by personal trainers. You can select any video from the standard workouts. What’s great about this app is that it allows you to customize your own exercise by setting the length of your workout and the areas that you want to focus on.

These mobile apps transform healthcare in a way where access to care has become convenient. Moreover, patients are becoming more engaged with their physical wellness. Lots of sicknesses can be avoided when we are conscious of our health in the first place.

Diagnosis And Life Expectancy

Death is inevitable. That’s a universal truth.

Technology though does not only help you have a better quality of life but it can also increase your life expectancy. With so many researches done, diagnosing a certain condition have become easier. Early diagnosis leads to better prognosis.


Seek medical attention as soon as you exhibit some symptoms. Through consultation and physical evaluation, your doctor can assess your condition. Tests and laboratories are also an aid in providing the accurate diagnosis.

Advancement of technology has lowered the mortality rate. With early diagnosis and proper treatment, it is now possible to win over most of the diseases.

You can’t shrug off the importance of technology in health care. With many treatments and medications discovered, the idea of having a cure for all diseases does not seem far-fetched.

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