How To Play GTA Online?

Congratulations on stumbling into the world of GTA online! Released two weeks after Portable GTA 5, it is a multiplayer platform, with the capability of having 29 players at one time out of which some of them can be your enemies or some of them your friends though the chances of the former are more of a possibility. 

If you are more of a lone wolf, you have the option of loading the story mode and choose the GTA online from the menu as invite-only. However, going solo will not enable your character to grow as it will continue to be in a safe zone. 

The better option is to pick up the group option and have people alongside who (hopefully) won’t shoot you in the head. This way, you will be able to complete missions while having fun at it. 

However, don’t be difficult team player. Though the game does command the ‘survival of the fittest’ vibe, it doesn’t mean that you will be an irrational player shooting and swearing at people for no probable reason. This will not only make you a bounty target but also drop your position for not being cooperating where you could be. 

GTA Online

So now that you are here, what should be your next step?

Keep an Eye Out for The White Dots

The white dots that you often see around are the other players that you are sharing your server with. You see anyone racing towards you? Keep your gun cocked and senses alert as he might be fleeing the cops or might be a simple citizen on the way to work. 

Shoot the Red Dots

Red means danger, and in this game, these red dots are the wanted criminals who can blow your head up without second thoughts. Not to mention the insane amount of bounty they carry on their heads! Watch in stealth and attack with speed. This will fulfill the purpose of you being in Los Santos. As cruel as it may sound, this is the best part of the game!

Make Some Friends

A pack is always safer than being alone. Being in a group will help you complete missions more effectively than trying to execute them all on your own. You can either send an invite or wait for an invite.

Why should you opt for groups? This is because group activities generate more rep, by almost 20% and help get the perfect score for every mission. If you are a winning streak, you might want to try out for the Rep bonus which is pretty good itself.

Get a Good Car

We are not kidding when we insist that you get yourself a right car. In this world of no-gooders, you need to stay on your toes, take cover and speed of immediately at the first sign of danger and don’t want to pummeled with bullets. In the city of Los Santos, look for a good car, not just any car and steal it! Make sure that it is a sweet ride as you are strapped for cash in the initial phases, and unless you have the capital to buy a good car, this will be your long-time companion. 

If you are not a single-player, it is difficult to get premium cars initially and stealing a good ride will only be helpful. You might want to think about getting a tracker at the Los Santos Customs shop that will make this car your very own. And while you are at it, insurance won’t hurt either. 

Get a Highly Functioning Gun

The streets of Los Santos are not safe, kids. Therefore, make sure that you are always armed with a highly functioning gun without which you will be, well, shot. Make sure that you have a semi-automatic gun on your person and also be aware of some self-defense combat moves should the opportunity arise. Considering that you have the money to buy the best gun out there, buy the one that you are most comfortable with. It will be easier to use and make a simple choice. 

Invest in a Garage

Though it might hurt your wallet, try investing in a garage as you can store your cars in peace.

Show Your Credibility

If you are good at driving, then show your caliber there. This will build your reputation. Not to mention, avoid being incessantly rude and also those are hell-bent on pushing your buttons. 

Make it Big with the Helicopter!

You are here to make it big and steal some real money instead of chump change. So, what do you do? You steal a helicopter!

Getting a helicopter is perhaps the surest shot way that you will help you snag the loot. Take a car and drive around the perimeter of a flight school until you are close to the fence. Once you are there, tap in the brilliant driver in you and jump over it and land in the main campus. Pick a helicopter that you fancy and steal it. 

The helicopter comes in handy when you want to pull off a heist swiftly and fly away. With such easy getaways, it is easy to level yourself up in the game and earn more cash in the process. However, you will be under the radar of Los Santos PD and might have to add finesse to your flying skills to escape their tireless pursuit. 

Deposit Your Hard Earned Stolen Money

Like any other rational their, do not put all your eggs in one basket, in this case, all your loot in your pocket. Walking the streets of Los Santos, you might bump into someone, to witness your bundle of cash fall down and someone else nicking it for themselves. 

It is wise to deposit your cash. Whip out your phone and make an electronic transfer or you can also deposit it at the nearest ATM. However, the phone is your best bet here. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and steal!

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