Ways to Improve E-commerce SEO Results

Although successful e-commerce businesses allocate capital for marketing purposes, there are many ways to bring more potential customers, even for free. If you want to learn some ways which will improve your SEO results, then keep reading because in this article we’ll discuss a few of the most important ones.

If you have some budget, you can hire a good SEO agency to help you gain rankings on search engine. For localized search resutls, you can hire local companies as they know the local market better. For instance, you can hire the Best SEO Company in Dubai to rank on the first page of search results in Dubai.

Let search engines read product reviews

Did you know that around 90% of all online buyers trust online reviews as they trust recommendations from friends or family? That’s why many online businesses highlight the reviews their customers have submitted.

Responsive Ecommerce Website

What most of the people don’t know is that content-rich reviews provide fresh updates to your pages, which is something the Google algorithm rewards, in some cases even quite fast. However, you must let the search engine crawl and read them, and you could do that by embedding the review content directly into the HTML of your site.

Use dynamic meta descriptions

In order to convince the potential customers to click on your site when they find it on Google, the meta title and description play an important role, given that they’re the only piece of information a visitor gets to see before entering the website.

Some businesses and companies invest a lot of time and capital in order to create a unique meta title and description for every page, but smart ones use “concatenation schemas,” which are small pieces of code that use a predetermined set of rules to write relevant descriptions automatically. 

Make sure you have unique product descriptions

Alongside the meta titles and descriptions, your product descriptions should be unique, original, and eye-catching as well, because this is one of the ways to increase organic SEO traffic. After Google released the Panda algorithm, unique content had become a top priority, with the focus now on promoting high-quality content, relevant and accurate for users and their queries.

In other words, you can boost your e-commerce SEO performance by identifying any content on your product pages that contain duplicated copy, in particular, those pages that use the same product description as your competitors.

Make speed a top priority

Since July 2018, speed is a significant ranking factor in Google’s mobile search results. With tremendous effects on the user experience, as well, the site speed will impact your e-commerce store’s SEO. Just a one-second increase in speed could improve your bounce rate by approx. 8%. To do that, you should continuously monitor the bounce rate, load time, and time-on-site, in order to understand better the health of your site speed. If you need a free tool to ease your work, with Web Page Test things will be much easier for you.

Work with a Reputable SEO Agency

SEO isn’t an easy thing to implement without a lot of skills and knowledge. Whilst you can certainly teach yourself a lot by researching online, if you’re serious about growing your eCommerce business, at some point you’re going to have to invest properly in optimising your site for search engines, to start seeing traffic and sales. Wherever you are in the world you should be working towards the point when you can start engaging the services of an experience SEO agency. Whether you’re in Brisbane or Bristol, working with a reputable SEO company is something that can make the difference between success and failure in ecommerce.

All in All…

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