Tips That Will Improve the Security of Your Small Business

Data breaches have found their way into the news. It puts the small business security at risk. Hackers are trying to find new ways to hack your data. Hiring a cybersecurity company like Cytelligence is an easy solution to protect your company against hackers. However many small businesses do not think about their cybersecurity until it is too late which makes them an ideal target for hackers. Before someone hacks your data and do some damage, you need to do something to improve the security. There are many inexpensive cybersecurity measures you can take to improve the security.

cyber security

Change Passwords

One of the first things, you need to do is to change your passwords. You do not need to be an expert to update any password. You should change the password of all key emails. Every business has an email with the company’s data. If someone gets the password of such an email will have access to your data. Moreover, do not change the password very frequently. The reasons are because the people who change the password after a month use similar passwords that they can easily remember. In this way; it is very easy for someone to guess your password.

Use Password Manager

Well, remembering all the passwords is not easy. That is why people mostly use the same password for multiple accounts. It means if someone gets a password of one account then it will have access to other accounts too. If you are serious about your password then use a password manager tool. This tool is really handy to remember every account login credentials. In this way; you can set a strong pass for your accounts without the tension of remembering them.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is very useful to add an extra layer of security while login. First, you need to register your phone number. Whenever you will log in from a new device, you will receive a code on your phone to make sure it is you. It means if someone has your login credentials still will not be able to log in.

Delete Extra Accounts

An easy way to hack someone is by using old credentials. If you have multiple employees that are not working with you. Then you need to delete their accounts. If you cannot afford a cybersecurity company then you need to do some tasks on your own.

Use Up to Date Software

I know that the updates are not very convenient. But they are very important for security. Most of the data breaches that happened last year were due to outdated software. So, you need to update the software to enhance the security of your system. Do not bother to wait for updating the software. Do it as soon as possible to the latest version.

Train Your Employees

One of the most common hacking techniques is phishing and spear phishing. These attacks are very common and many people fall for it. That is why; you need to train your employees to identify any phishing attack.

Ranbeer Maver is a Computer Science undergraduate. He's a geek who embraces any new consumer technology with inhuman enthusiasm.