Tips to Help You Hire High-Quality Movers

There are millions of people move every year in the United States. Moving from one place to another is not an easy thing to do. It is not necessary that all the processes of moving go smoothly. So, you need the help of a moving service that you can trust. Last year I moved from Calgary to Toronto. I searched online and at last, chose Matco Calgary movers. The research is very important because there are many moving scams. I follow some tips to find the best moving service in my area. I am going to share those tips in this article.

Professional Movers

Get A Walk-through

Before hiring any company, it is important to have an estimate. An estimator who just gives you an estimate without noting is not trustable. You should get an estimator who will note everything that you want to move will help you get the right estimate of the cost. He will ask you several questions so be prepared. Moreover, tell him what things you want to move and whatnot.

Moving Inventory

Most of the moving companies charge according to the weight of the inventory. They will note everything will check all of your storage places such as bookcases, drawers, cupboards, and garages. Moreover, the cost of moving also depends on the space they take.

No Large Deposits

If a moving company is asking you for a large deposit then do not trust them. A reputable company will not demand any cash from you before moving. A friend of mine paid a company in advance and have not yet received his belongings. Moreover, avoid paying in cash, use a credit card if possible.

Avoid Name Switch Companies

Some moving companies operate on different names to avoid assessment by the BBB. So, before hiring any company make sure they have a local address, license, and insurance. If you call them and they answer with different company names then do not hire them. Moreover, search online if there are any complaints against the company.

Avoid Packing Costs

The movers do not guaranty the damage to your belongings if you had packed themselves. The company will charge you some extra money to do the packing. It will be helpful for you but make sure that they have experience. Most of the companies are very careful with packing but it is not better to let someone do the packing. Carefully pack your belongings yourself and make sure they will not get damaged while moving.

Extra Fees

Well, you must see for any extra fees they charge. If you are living in an apartment on the 12th floor then the movers will charge you an extra fee. Moreover, there are some other surcharges too. That is why; it is normal to expect surcharge for moving your belongings. Anyhow, you must ask them about any extra fee they charge before moving.

Report Problems

A person has nine months to file an insurance claim. That is why; it is important to open the boxes as soon as possible to check everything is fine or not. Do not sign the bill of lading before checking the boxes. If there is any damage to your belongings do not sign it.

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