How to Choose the Right Background Check Service Provider

A background check is important in the hiring process. Recruiting the right employee has evolved past the stages of relying on applicant resumes and their performance during interviews alone. Some applicants now make untrue claims in their resumes in a bid to impress recruiters.

Hiring the wrong employees can make a business to lose money and customers’ trust sooner or later. Checking the social media pages of potential employees or carrying out a background check yourself is risky. The rules and regulations for conducting a background check are frequently updated.

You will be saving yourself from lawsuits and other issues by hiring professionals that can search people directory records. These tips will make the process of choosing a background check service provider a walk in the park.

background check

Types of background check services

The common types of background check include reference check, identification verification, educational verification, and criminal history searches. Check out the pros and cons of each background check services.

Online background check services

This type of background check is usually fast and inexpensive. It can reveal information like marriage record, social security number verification, bankruptcy, address, and social media profiles. The downsides are that they are inaccurate and rarely comply with FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) or any recognized regulating body. It’s not a perfect option when screening applicants.

Full-service background check services

Companies that provide these services tend to provide an in-depth and accurate report of candidates. The companies integrate online searches and will visit the companies where the potential employees worked previously and their educational institutions. They will also visit courthouses and any institution the employee must have associated with in the past to get enough information.

Full-service background check service providers are FCRA compliant unlike using online check services. The report usually takes 2-5 days before delivery and will include credit reports, military, vehicle, professional license, and social security numbers.

3 Tips for choosing the right background check service

It’s ideal to check the providers’ website and other third-party platforms to know more about the services to offer.

1. Check whether they have NAPBS accreditation

Ensure that the company you choose is accredited by the National Association of Professional Screeners. With this accreditation, the company would have met every standard on legal compliance, verification, consumer protection and other criteria in background check practice.

Another thing is that they should adhere to the guidelines of FCRA. This agency controls the background checks and will obtain permission from the candidate before carrying out any background check.

2. Be clear about your expectations

The best background check service companies will offer the prospective employees electronic consent or authorization forms to fill. Let the service provider know the type of information you want and the ones to avoid. This will save both parties from unnecessary stress.

3. Visit their website

The company should have an official website where they can run a background screening and review the screening results. Find out about their rates and whether they can deliver error-free reports on time.

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