What is Ip Suspension Amazon & How to Resolve it

Intellectual Property (IP) suspension is considered to be one of the most difficult ones among other types of Amazon suspensions. Generally, if the seller has a lot of experience in selling on Amazon, they can handle several types of Amazon suspensions by themselves. While an Intellectual Property Suspension must be handled solely under an attorney’s guidelines. Luckily for you, our Amazon Reinstatement Service has a legal team as well!

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As a rule, Intellectual Property Violation can consist of :

  • Copyright Violation
  • Trademark Violation
  • Traded Dress Violation
  • Patent Violation

Once you infringe on one of the above-mentioned points, you will immediately get an IP suspension.

But let’s dive deep, and concentrate on each type of Intellectual Property Suspension separately.


If you use somebody else’s material without the owner’s permission, it is a direct copyright violation. So, avoid using another person’s pictures, videos, or verbiage without the copyright holder’s permission.


A trademark violation usually comes when you are using somebody’s word, name, symbol which can distinguish the goods from other ones.

Trade Dress

As a rule, a trade dress is an appearance of your product in a specific marketplace. Usually, Trade dress comprise such vital aspects as labeling and packaging.


The main aim of the patent is to protect the seller’s branded product from the other ones. So, if you are the owner of a completely new invention, we strictly recommend you get a patent for it immediately.

There are also lots of reasons which may lead to an Intellectual Property IP violation. Therefore, you, as a seller, have to be double careful in order to protect your business from any lawsuits against you.

Avoid using brands’ logos, descriptions, and pictures without their permission, or even worse, if you are not an authorized seller, you should not sell their product through your Amazon account.

The Lawyer’s Role

As we have mentioned before, Intellectual Property issues should be handled strictly by attorneys. This is largely due to the fact that you should not only have to negotiate with Amazon but also with the brand directly. In most cases, brands refuse to withdraw their complaints by ignoring the sellers’ endless messages. Therefore, you will need an attorney’s help in solving this issue.

However, if you are not able to hire a professional attorney, then you have to be prepared that it is going to be a really difficult battle to reinstate your selling privileges. First of all, you have to reach out to the brand and ask them to withdraw their complaints against you. As a rule, most of the brands do not want to negotiate with the seller by ignoring their messages. However, you should keep writing them, even if they don’t respond. No response is also a response for Amazon!

We want to be completely transparent with you that the chances of reinstating your IP suspension by yourself are too low; therefore, most of the sellers prefer to work with professional reinstatement companies like Got Suspended Clients. Within a very short period of time, we will conduct all the negotiations with the complainant party, by making them retract their complaint. We will also provide you with a super professional Plan of Action for your account’s fast reinstatement.

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