Customized Logo Printing Marketing Strategy

You can print your brand’s logo on almost anything these days. You can even convince people to get your logo on their skin as tattoos with just the promise of a winning entry, as Reebok Forever did in 2014. Mass producing your logo can now be as easily done with one entry of a Lollicup Store coupon. But it really does matter which materials you choose to slap your company’s image on, as it will reflect on your business’ goals and character.

There are three reasons you might need to emblazon your logo on a surface: for packaging purposes, for related merchandise, and for general promotional material. Logo on envelopes are particularly getting more and more popular when authentic brands are trying to distinct themselves from cheap brands.

logo printing


When you envision your logo, one of the first things you imagine is how it will look like on your product’s wrapping. A lot of goods also need to have labels that may or may not prominently show your brand. For retail, this is a must, as consumer behavior over the years has shown that the tendency to acquire specific brands is linked to social status and financial wealth. A lot of the time, people buy products just because the expensive label is on full display when they are putting it to use.

If your company is in the food and drinks business, your logo will instead need to go on the packaging. Is it a drink or is it something to be chewed? Does your product go in a cup or come in a wrapper? Sometimes, packaging comes in minimalist fashion and the logo instead goes on tags, and there are yet some who decide to get their brand names on the tape used for sealing in when everything else is bare. A popular retail chain in Korea, who goes by ‘No Brand’, still has their label on every box in the store, as well as individual items that they have self-produced.  Despite what the shop’s name may imply, their brand has literally become No Brand.

Clearly, branding is everything and it cannot be done without careful planning on how to make it visible wherever your product will be seen. Logos might look different on see-through surfaces which are quite common for wrapping materials. You need to be aware of the many different ways your company might look like as depicted on various printed exteriors. And, when cheap poster printing is available to boost your brand image, why to not do it? 


The power of freebie merchandising is something that should not be underestimated even by the newest business owners. Some customers can be convinced to buy the most frivolous products just because they came with freebies included. The additional items will most definitely need to have your logo on it somewhere, preferably right smack in the middle, but it will really depend on the type of bonus stuff you will choose to give.

For coffee products, it is common to include a mug in a handsomely packaged set, where the mug features the brand name right at the center. Some companies give away free shirts, pens, fans, and umbrellas on occasion and even just because.  

It can be something that is completely unrelated to what you are really selling as long as the logo is prominently displayed and recognizable. You can also choose which medium better suits your logo so that it doesn’t have to go through big changes, if it might look too big or too small or too inappropriate to the free stuff you are giving away. It will also show how well you know your client base. Just because something is free does not mean it is something that customers will truly appreciate. Maybe you are selling a product that purports to be a better choice for the environment, in which case customers would not appreciate bonus items that come in plastic and other non-eco-friendly materials.


A brand logo is the visual representation of a company composed of many human faces that most customers will never see. It will be the first thing they imagine when they think of your services and your products. That is why it is very important to choose one that can be universally recognized and memorable to whoever sees it.

Once you get that job done, you then have to make sure that it is present on all your printed material. It can never be absent from any marketing ads, stationery, and letters. You need to study how well your logo will translate on almost any type of surface imaginable. The logo needs to be clear, not blurry especially if there is a lot of detail, so you have to be ready to iterate it in many sizes that will be suitable to the place it will be printed. It’s usually best to get a mockup created first before going crazy and getting it printed in the hundreds.

However, you choose to bring your logo to customers’ attention, make sure it is something that will have a lasting effect so that it can give you the most traffic in the years to come.  

After working 5 years as a Software Analyst in reputed MNC, Rebecca decided to settle down and work from home. Having an expertise in business & being a life motivator, she loves to share similar stuff on our website by the means of her articles.