Custom Things You Can Print Online

If you’re wondering what to get somebody for a gift – whether it’s for a birthday, wedding, Christmas, or another special holiday like Mother’s or Father’s Day, or simply to say thank you or let somebody know that you’re thinking of them, then personalized gifts are a perfect idea.

If you want to get something that’s unique and special, then you can never go wrong with a personalized gift – you can be sure that your recipient isn’t going to get another one like it. And, when it comes to personalized and customized items, there are so many different options available. Here’s a list of some of the best things that you can get custom printed online.

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1. Wedding Koozies:

If you’re looking for a fun, unique and thoughtful gift for a newlywed couple then these wedding koozies from are a fantastic idea. They are easy to make and you can personalize them with pretty much anything that you like, from the names and wedding date of the married couple to photographs or special quotes and sayings that you know will mean a lot to them. All you need to do is design your koozie on their website, and then you can order it custom-printed and sent to you to give your recipients, or have it sent directly to the happy couple.

2. Coffee/Tea Mugs:

If you’re looking to buy a special gift for somebody who loves their coffee or tea, then a personalized mug will be a lovely, thoughtful gift that they will certainly appreciate. And unlike some personalized gift ideas, you know that this one is going to get used! There are many ways in which you can customize drinking mugs from photographs to graphics and text or a combination of all three; you can keep it simple with a special photograph they will love or leave a message to make them smile.

3. Smartphone Cases:

Do you know somebody who’s always dropping their smartphone? Then a gorgeous personalized case might be just the gift that they need. There’s certainly no shortage of generic smartphone cases on the market these days with something on offer for every type of cell phone out there, but a personalized one can be even more special – and it can make it easier for the owner to find their phone, too. You can customize smartphone cases with a wide range of options – photographs, cartoons, text, and anything else that you know is going to put a smile on your recipient’s face.

4. Soft Furnishings:

Soft furnishings can be a great personalized gift idea and what’s more, you know that they will be used around the home too. Personalized cushions can be a fab idea to brighten up and add a personal touch to your recipient’s living room. Grandparents will love having cushions with pictures of their grandchildren, or a newlywed couple will really appreciate scatter cushions with their favorite photographs of the big day. Or you could even take it a step further and get a personalized photo blanket printed.

5. USB Drives:

If you’re hoping to get somebody a gift that’s not only thoughtful but also comes in very handy for school or work, then a personalized USB drive could do the trick. Not only are these fun and useful gifts to give; a personalized USB drive is also unlikely to get mixed up with everybody else’s generic ones at work or school, which can add that little bit of extra convenience to your recipient’s life, too. There are many different ways you can personalize a USB drive – design it with a photograph, name, or a custom-designed figure.

6. Jewelry:

If you want to personalize a thoughtful and beautiful gift, then jewelry is a fantastic idea. You can personalize almost any kind of jewelry from necklaces to rings or and bracelets, or even earrings these days. One of the simplest ways to create personalized jewelry is to engrave a piece that you know your recipient will love. A simple message can be placed on the inside of a ring band, or you can personalize a necklace or bracelet with your recipient’s name or initials. If you’re buying for your significant other, personalizing it with both your initials is a lovely romantic touch. Or, if you want to use photographs, a cute locket is a stunning idea.

7. Playing Cards:

If you’re buying for a recipient who loves playing card games, then a deck of personalized playing cards is certainly going to make them smile. You can order personalized playing cards online and the process is simple – all you need to do is upload a photograph or choose a design and add a message if you want to. You can design the back of regular playing cards or even come up with your own tarot card design – the choice is yours.

What’s your favorite personalized gift idea?

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