Top 10 List of Funny Gifts for Couple

Gifting ideas for loved ones can be tricky as you need to make sure that the gifts are not just aligning with the interest areas of the recipient, but they must also be convenient enough to be stored and displayed. Funny and unconventional gift ideas are often the best as they not just serve the purpose of gifting, but also create a long lasting memories both for you as well as the one receiving the gifts.

Listed below are ten thoughtful and funny gift ideas for couples which are bound to stand out:

Couple Caricatures:

As you all might be aware of, a caricature is an image with certain exaggerated features which add a humorous effect to the picture. If you are looking for a gift which is quirky and personalized in equal parts, couple caricatures are your automatic choice. One of the leading websites offering this service is Caricature Master, where you can enter your images and pick a caricature frame, coloring, background type, etc. to generate a personalized image in just 3-6 days at an extremely affordable rate. Moreover, this website also offers an option of printing the caricatures on other products such as t-shirts and mugs so that they can be cherished for a really long time.

Caricature Master

Personalized Games:

Games are the easiest ways of having some pure fun as well as some quality time with your close ones. What is even better is when the games you love the most come in a personalized design to remind you of your loved one. If you are looking for a gift for a couple who love board games, you might want to check out the completely personalized hearts four-across game which adds a twist to the conventional four in a row game by adding four lines of customizable text which are surrounded by hearts. The games are handmade, and are designed according to the couple’s personal preferences.

Funny Love Letters:

Love letters are the all-time favorite gift ideas when it comes to romance. If you want to come up with an unconventional gifting idea involving love letters, then you might want to check out the Letters with Cheese gift option. For this, customized love letters are delivered at the recipient’s doorstep, and you can even select the format of the love letter from quite a few available options, including surprise letters for Bollywood lovers, geeks, and even a letter written from a dog’s perspective. Can it get any cuter than this? Probably not! The company also offers a flexible refund policy if the product is not satisfactory or genuine.

Funny love letters

Take These Off t-shirt:

Who doesn’t love a nice comfy t-shirt with a funny quote on it? If you are looking for a t-shirt to gift, you will certainly like this t-shirt which comes with a naughty quote on it, and is the perfect companion for some intimate time for you and your partner. The t-shirt is really inexpensive and it comes in sizes S to 4XL, and in a wide range of 15 colour options.

Name a Star:

This is one of the most thoughtful and personalized gifts you can give someone. For this service, you actually get to name a star after your loved one. Once you enter the name, the star(s) and the zodiac will automatically be assigned. Along with this, a beautiful print of the location and constellation of the star would also be provided. This gifting idea is one of its kind and can be found on many facilitating websites.

Love Carries All print:

Surprise your favorite couple with a beautiful art print designed by Zlatka Paneva. This print features an elephant and a bunch of balloons and reads ‘Love Carries All’. The inspiration of the art print is pop art which makes is quite an interesting piece. It is made out of high quality material and is sure to bring a wide smile on the face of your loved one. It can also be framed according to your convenience.

Oval Stickers:

These stickers are an inexpensive yet humorous gifts which you can purchase quite easily. The design is impressive and the stickers come with quotes which add the right amount of fun to an otherwise meaningful and convenient item of gifting.

Oval Stickers

Star Maps:

Talking of stars, here is a second gifting option which revolves around them (but is very different from the previous option). This map is a really heartwarming gifting idea. The map comes as a high quality framed print of the exact location of stars on the time, date, and place entered by the one purchasing. This map, therefore, can be customized to commemorate special dates such as an anniversary, a birthday, or even a first date. This particular gift is bound to bring a smile on the face of your loved one.

His Side/ Her Side Duvet:

Do you know of a couple who is constantly fighting over their sides of the bed, or is complaining that their partner takes up too much space while sleeping? If yes, then look no more, here is the perfect gifting idea for them. This king size duvet comes with a clear his/her side demarcation to reduce arguments in the bedrooms and to make for a comfortable good night’s sleep.

his her side

Mixtape Pillow:

Mix tapes are something most of us have grown up seeing, making, and gifting as well. This personalized pillow is very comfy, and sports a stylish design which resembles a mixtape or a cassette. This is bound to bring back a gush of nostalgia to all of us. Moreover, the pillow is quite affordable and is made out of durable material which can be washed for a number of times which is helpful to store the gift for a really long time. Moreover, the name of the couple can be entered to customize the pillow, on which they will be printed out.

Hopefully, the next time you are looking for a fun gift idea, these options would come handy and make the process a whole lot easier for you.

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