10 Chili Bowl Cut Styles Every Man Should Try

Sometimes you have to go for completely new looks like chili bowl cut. This is one haircut that has stolen the hearts of many men and we all find it amazing. The style you choose to style your hair is absolutely dependent on you and you should choose the haircut that you think suits your personality.

But one thing you should know before you dive into this type of haircut is that it is very selective. Chili bowl cut only rocks men with straight and silk hair. If styled correctly, the style not only gives a unique and fashionable look, but is also neat.

Chili Bowl Cut Styles


Standard Chili Bowl Haircut


If you see anyone wearing a cut hairstyle, you will want to try it too. It is best worn by cutting the excess rocks and keeping the cut over the head. This haircut is quite common among the young celebrities but that doesn’t mean that if you are over 40 you cannot try it too. It is fashionable cut and easy to wear.


Chili Bowl Fade Style


It is great idea to rock more than a single style. Opting for a chilli bow haircut and incorporating a faded undercut it not only stylish but also chic since you get a lightweight style that is fun to wear as well.

Chili Bowl Fade Style


Bleached Bowl Haircut


Have you recently trimmed your manes and you are looking for something more than just a plain look? then we recommend you opt for an entirely bleached hairdo to get a completely new change in your haircut and let the asymmetry take over you. It is currently on-trend haircut everyone wants to try.


Tapered Chili Bowl Haircut


Who said a bowl cut cannot be tapered? If that has been your assumption, then you might be surprised when you see a young Asian boy rocking this amazing bowl haircut with ridiculously beautiful hair tapering. The haircut appears fashionable and doesn’t appear unusually simple chili bowl style.


Short Front Fringe Hairstyle


It is not always good to style your haircut as if you are styling it for regular day to day events. You can take your haircut some steps higher and include your own customised style and trim your hair to feel more comfortable. Including some fringes at the front will give your haircut a nice texture and also give a conventional look.


Modern Spikes Chili Style


The best thing about spikes is that they look great with any haircut and with the bowl haircut, by incorporating spikes, you will get a haircut that is not only stylish but neat. If you like following the trends, then opting for a modern spiked bowl haircut is the best thing you should do. It is currently what everyone is talking about.

Modern Spikes Chili Style


Cap Style Bowl Style


This haircut looks almost like the old chili bowl cut, only the difference occurs in that this one looks like a cap. This haircut can even be taken to the next level by dyeing the with light colours and styling it silky.


Helmet Bowl Haircut


In most cases, haircuts are inspired by the real events and even objects. The hairstyle can vary from an object inspiration to a helmet as it is shown in this cute haircut. This hairstyle for men appears like a cycler’s helmet. It is styled with long hair at the front and mens short haircuts in the back. The remaining manes are surrounded by an undercut.


Thick Chili Bowl Haircut


Many people have the opinion that the chili cut can only be rocked by people with thin hair. however, there is no truth in this since chili haircut can be worn by anyone regardless of their hair texture. The chili bowl haircut will not only rock persons with thin hair, but also those with thick hair. This style also allows your manes to grow out more evenly and also healthier.


Ash-Grey Chili Hairstyle


This hairstyle is for guys who are bold enough to try out new haircuts. Dyeing your hair is not for the faint-hearted since all eyes will be glued on you whenever you pass. So, confidence is like an ingredient for you to rock this hairstyle.

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