How to Write a Bestseller Book

Most fresh writers would go to any extent to obtain the best seller tips to start a book, only if those tips really worked with anybody. Just like any creative profession, the occupation of writers is categorized into: i) those who make plans to take up writing at some point in the long run, and ii) those who are already into this (that is, writing).  

Well, there is no denying that writing takes a lot of mental effort and is a hard discipline in itself. However, conceiving a jaw-dropping write-up that could turn out to be the best-seller in the market requires erring on more planning for possible success. Having good writing skills or ideas is not enough to make your book the best seller. There is a lot more required, to make your first book publishing the bestseller, just as described below.

Tips to Make Your Book the Best Seller


Begin With Your Target Audience

First of all, find out your target audience. You may be eagerly holding on to start writing your much-awaited comedy novel. But, if it doesn’t make a good sell in the market, your prose will end up moldering in the publishing house; unpublished, undesired.  

So, what type of books is currently trending? To know that, check out the list of books published at least 8 months back. The New York Times best-seller list is one such resource to check from, you can also go for any similar list. Also, check which books are earning much reader attention and purchase.

Prose or novels are likely to get much reader preference. For example, books like Harry Potter once getting a break, rises, and stays at the top-list of the best sellers in the market. Conversely, too many fantasy stories/plots may make the theme generic, thereby wearing out the possibility of welcoming new publishers.

Stay Optimal While Choosing a Best-Selling Book Topic

Your foremost purpose might be to count on the intuition of appealing to a wider audience-base so that you can sell maximum copies of the book and make it your best seller. Isn’t it? But the reality is that if your book is based on a specific and unique niche topic, it might turn out to be successful in grabbing the attention of passionate readers.

writing a cover

A book that tries to be the encyclopedia of everything to everyone might end up becoming a complex mix. You can satisfy everyone, at a time, and if you try doing so, the attempt may result in satisfying no one. Instead, try making your book stand apart from the rest. It is very simple; go for the easiest and most predictable yet intriguing topic. It should neither be too long nor be too short. Choosing a lengthy topic might fade the reader’s interest in continuing with the book. Conversely, a shorter topic might run you out of enough plots or materials to make it look substantial. 

Frame an Outline

Do not forget that your purpose is to write a book with an intention of making it the best seller. So, while following these tips, you will understand that the true way to realize your dream is to make your novel unusually, attention-grabbing. You need to be astute and remain within your created outline to discover your creative potential that could give your novel a shot to appear in the best-seller list.

Therefore, make sure to follow a framework and follow it accordingly that could help you to approach with creativity in the content.

Name Your Grand Creation

Remember that a publisher looks at dozens of proposals a day (and those are only the ones that make it through the first round of readers). You are marketing your book first to this unknown holder of your fate. You’ll have a minute, maybe even seconds, to make an impression. That first impression will be heavily influenced by your book’s title.

book title

Just like step 1; have a glimpse into the list of best sellers again. This time it should be only related to the genre that you are tackling. Pay heed to the type of titles that they used. Also, check which type made the most sales.  

It might happen, if you get a break from a publisher, that your much-thought title would be refurbished or completely replaced. But, that’s okay because it implies that you have a publisher who is willing to sell your masterpiece! Nevertheless, you must remember that the purpose of the title is to attract the audiences you sought-after. It is the foundation that can stand out your book from the heap on the publisher’s table. So, think well and draw out something that’s worth your endeavor.

Be the First to Attract the Reader’s Attention 

Yes, you’ve created an outline, and maybe the major action of your book doesn’t come for chapters yet. Still that first chapter, and the first few pages of that chapter, should be written using the same guidelines as devising the title of your masterpiece. Think of it like writing the hook for a news article or essay.

attract readers attention

While selling your book, you are giving way to effort to the publisher. You only have fewer opportunities to attract his/her(publisher’s) attention. So, make sure to give the best of your effort to make the first few pages of the opening chapter as best as possible.

Furthermore, like the previous point, you might have to recraft the portions that the publisher tells you to do, in case your book is taken through a contract. Well, the overall motive is to tempt the reader’s interest in knowing what’s next, every time he turns a new page. The publisher is already aware of the content. But, it is your call to entice them the best way you can. Consider this part as your audition! 

Get Ready for Revisions and Edits

Never look down upon yourself in case your story is returned. There is hardly any top writer that went straight through success without a possible rejection. However, such a type of case is a rare bird though.

Yet, it is always better to stay prepared for the worst. If your effort was close to being the best, you might get a letter of encouragement from the publisher that will help you with the dos and don’ts in the long run. Keep it with you and try following it. In fact, that’s a memento of you having the potential of being better in what you are doing. Take the instance of Jay Shetty! He didn’t give up in spite of getting his story rejected 40 times until he got a real “BIG” break!

Marketing/Promotion Matters


No matter how good you wrote, no matter even if you got a break/breaks for publishing unless it comes across readers’ sight, all the previous efforts are useless. Unsurprisingly, things; no matter how meaningless or insignificant they are, get a good public response, if marketed well. So, you need to market or promote your story. You can do that through social media postings, pre-arranged interviews, email newsletters, publishing forums, etc.  

Well, these are some of the most unavoidable tips to follow if you are really looking forward to publishing your book as the best seller.

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