Kase provides Ultra-Thin iPhone Cases for Just $25AUD

Why to buy a well-designed iPhone if you have to end up covering it with thick cases? Yes, protection is a major concern. But what if there is a case which is so thin and light that it almost feels like a part of your brightly shining iPhone? And yes, it will protect your phone entirely, by covering all the edges and also giving the correct openings for your charger and earphone connections.

Sounds perfect, isn’t it? This is what Kase is here to offer. Providing you with the best and paper thin iPhone cases since 2015, it serves complete customer requirements. Kase runs with a vision of fulfilling the minimalistic needs of consumers, by giving them a better alternative over the bulky and heavy covers, which are very inconvenient to carry along.

The best features of the Paper Thin iPhone cases are:

  1. Thin- As the name suggests, the back cover by Kase is extremely thin, with only 0.35 mm thickness. It makes the phone extremely easy to carry around and use as there is no extra weight added. Also, note that the phone companies make models which fit the exact grip of the hands. If you add more thickness to the phone, the balance will be disrupted and you will face difficulties in operating the phone. Hence, you should always go for a phone cover which is thin and light.
  2. Quality- Kase provides the best quality of cases, made by premium material which is flexible, but very sturdy. It is made of polypropylene which is extremely durable, even with rough usage. It wraps all the edges of the phone, giving it protection from all the sides. With the constant camera innovations by Apple, the raised edge in iPhone X makes it very vulnerable to scratches. Kase provides the best-uplifted lip which covers the camera from the corners and protects it from any external damage. Get the top quality iPhone X Cases.
  3. Colour- Gone are the days when you had limited choices of dull colors for the back cover of your iPhone. Kase gives you a wide range of bright and vibrant colors to choose from. Also, the color is based on transparent material, which gives your phone a very classy and shiny look.
  4. Design- The design of an iPhone is one of its most attractive features. You will definitely not want to hide it all by applying a bulky frame of the back cover. For you, the paper thin covers by Kase are the best alternatives as these covers grab the body tightly and are designed in a way to complement the structure of an iPhone. They highlight the borders and enhance the design of your phone, just becoming the perfect back cover for your shining iPhone.
  5. Price- As the demand for thin phone cases has increased in the market, their prices have also been exuberantly increased. Kase takes complete care of its customers, not only by the quality but also by the price. Its phone covers are priced only at $25AUD which is extremely affordable and easy to purchase.

Kase, thus provides you with the best in quality iPhone by keeping your budget in mind and also gives a huge selection range which can immediately catch your eye and make your iPhone stand out amongst all the bulky, rubber protected ones.

It is not only the safety of the phone that concerns the users. The chargers for iPhone are also very timid and tear from the end if the phone is used while charging. Kase also provides you with braided cables which are extremely long lasting. These charger cables are there to keep you connected even when you are using your phone constantly while charging.

It has a 90° bend right angle design which makes it very convenient to use, without breaking away or folding at the edge. Check out Kase iPhone X Charging cables. It is very durable and sturdy with a price tag of only $20AUD. It is available in almost all the colors of the rainbow and you can also contrast it with the color of your back cover. It has been engineered such that it will support fast data transfer and also quickly charge your iPhone, with the 1 metre long fiber which is Apple certified.

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