How to Build a Greenhouse From Scratch

Looking to build your own greenhouse from scratch? There are few things more rewarding than using your own skills to construct a greenhouse and then using this to grow your own plants and vegetables. It can be quite an undertaking to build from scratch, but these are the main steps to take.


First, you need to decide where to build the greenhouse and this should be somewhere that gets consistent sunlight throughout the day and away from any structures which could cause a shadow. It should also be somewhere that has access to electricity (to keep temperature optimal).

green house

Foundation & Frame

Next, you will need to level the site and build a foundation for the greenhouse. You will then need to assemble the frame – there are a few materials to consider, but most people opt for aluminium which is low maintenance and strong. You can either create your own frame design or find one for free online.


Glass is the best material to use with horticultural glass being common and inexpensive. Toughened glass can be a good option if you have kids and are worried about safety. Line the glazing bars with rubber strips to form a seal between the frame and glass and cushion each pane. Start out by glazing the roof while you can still move freely around the structure before fitting the walls.

Securing the Structure

Whilst you are building the greenhouse, be sure to keep tightening it up and checking the bars with a spirit level. Make sure that the tools you use are of the highest quality and from a respected supplier like RS. When everything above ground is secure, you can then tighten the base fittings.

Ventilation, Heating & Shading

Consider an adjustable air vent or thermostat-controlled automatic vents to circulate the air and control the temperature. For winter, a paraffin heater can be affordable but most people opt for electric heating in the form of heating pipes, a fan heater or warming cable. To stop plants from getting scorched in the middle of summer, you could clip shading panels to the glass or use greenhouse shading paint (this is easy to remove with a duster).

These are the main steps to take to build your own greenhouse. It can be a lot of work and effort, but there is nothing quite like having your own greenhouse to grow a range of different plants and it will certainly prove to be worth the effort.

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