Get Your Data Back With Free Data Recovery Software for Windows

We all know how scary it is to be in the need a file which you yourself have deleted from your PC a few days ago. If you haven’t faced this situation, you might have definitely experienced the situation when you know you have saved your important report at a location but you don’t find it there or anywhere else in the PC. Our PC stores very important files, folders, images, videos and lots of other stuff but it is also prone to data corruption and data loss. Due to software updates, corruption of files/folders, disk format and sometimes due to human error, we lose many of our important files unintentionally.

You know, you can always recover the deleted files from Recycle Bin but if you or any cleaner software has emptied it or data is lost by corruption, updates, formatting, etc. you can’t recover it using the normal Windows apps. But Hey, there’s a hope – Yes! You can recover your lost data, however, for that, you need a data recovery software and that needs to be powerful enough to have the capability to recover any type of data that was lost even months ago. This reminds of one of the excellent data recovery software – Disk Drill by Clever Files.

Disk Drill Data Recovery

Disk Drill Data Recovery Software

Disk Drill is the perfect data recovery software which lets you recover any data lost or deleted from your system intentionally or unintentionally. Whether you are a Windows or Mac user, Disk Drill is available for both the platforms and is providing all the awesome features which make it one of the best file recovery programs.

Disk Drill uses advanced technology to scan your hard drive and recover deleted files. Not only it makes the scanning & recovery faster but it also keeps your files safe while recovering and consumes fewer resources to perform any process. Unlike other data recovery software Windows platform has to offer, Disk Drill goes a step ahead to provide these additional tools.

Disk Drill Features

Disk Health – This tool monitors the health of your hard drive. It observes its performance and alerts you if any issue arises in accessing any section of hard disk for I/O operations.

Data Backup – Creating regular backups is essential as it allows you to instantly recover many and very big but important files. With this feature, you can create full PC backup or partial backups instantly.

Recovery Drive – It lets you create recovery drive which can be used to unlock your PC if you forgot the password.

Data Protection – Disk Drill keeps your data protected from unwanted changes and data corruption.

Cleanup – It removes junk files and folders from your PC to free up disk space.

Partition Recovery – It lets you run a scan on a specific partition of your hard drive and lets you recover files deleted from the specific partition.

Duplicate Finder – Duplicates take significant space but if the files are important ones, we don’t want to remove any version of file thinking if it might be the last or modified copy. With this tool, you can easily find exact copies and choose to keep only one version if others are identical.

Memory Card Recovery – Deleted or Formatted data from memory card? Well, this tool can recover them back if you want.

Recovery Options – Lots of recovery options are provided to you. For example, recover images, videos, recover in batch, etc.

ISO/DMG Backup – You can also create ISO or DMG backup of your hard drive using this data recovery tool for Windows.

How to Use Disk Drill Data Recovery Software?

Using Disk Drill data recovery is very easy. Once you’ve installed, follow the below steps to recover any type of data lost, corrupted, formatted or deleted from PC –

Step 1: Run Disk Drill Data Recovery Software Windows and it’ll show you all the available disk drives, as shown in below screenshot.

Step 2: Select the disk drive from which you want to recover your files and hit the scan button. Disk Drill will scan and list all the deleted files that you can also view by category of Documents, Music, Video, Images, etc.

Step 3: Select the files to recover by clicking the checkbox provided on their left side and then click the Recover button available at the top right side.

Now, Disk Drill will automatically recover all the selected files and open the recovery folder for you to check.

Wrapping it Up

Disk Drill is one of the easiest and powerful data recovery software that you can instantly use to recover any lost file. If you have small recovery needs, you can download Disk Drill for free to recover up to 500 MB of data. So, if you are unsure, try its free data recovery software version and once you’re satisfied, you can buy its full version. For more info or downloading free file recovery software, visit the official website.

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