What Large Businesses Should Know About Automated Instagram Direct Messaging

You may have heard the term “slide into your DMs” before. If not, it means trying to talk to a person on social media using a DM, or direct message. It’s a way to speak to someone one-on-one, rather than in a public forum.

If you’re sliding into somebody’s DMs, it probably means you’re trying to get to know them better. It’s a terminology that many dating app users use.

However, you should know that as a business, you might also have a customer or potential customer who wants to send you a direct social media message. They might have different reasons for doing so.

We’re going to take some time to go over what those reasons might be. We’ll also talk about Instagram in particular and why you might want to invest in an automated DM service.

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Why Would a Customer Want to Speak to a Business Through Direct Messaging?

Before we get into Instagram messaging automation for large businesses, let’s make sure you understand why a customer would want to contact a business entity this way. They might want to do it because:

  • They have a product or service question before they buy
  • They already bought a product, but there is something wrong with it
  • They aren’t sure about buying from you until they learn one of your ethical or political stances

If someone has a product or service question, they might reach out through the social media platforms that a company uses. For instance, if the company makes instant pots, a customer might want to know if they can make a Thanksgiving turkey in it. The company will respond in the negative or positive, and the person might choose to buy or not based on their response.

They might have bought the product, but it stopped working a couple of weeks later. The buyer may want to know about troubleshooting techniques or getting a refund.

It’s also vital for companies these days to take a stand on specific issues. For instance, the Papa John’s franchise took a hit a couple of years ago because of controversial comments their founder made. A would-be buyer might want to know if a company has changed its ways before giving them any business.

Why Do Companies Like to Promote Themselves Through Instagram?

Many companies like to use Instagram for promotion. They do so because:

  • There’s a dedicated fan group who loves this particular social media platform
  • It’s an ideal platform for a company to promote the services and products it offers

If you’re a big company, it’s worth researching whether your customers use Instagram. If they do, you should create a company Instagram account. You can hire a social media manager to run it for you.

Why Invest in an Automated Instagram DM Service?

As for why you’d want to purchase an automated Instagram direct message service, it’s because of those would-be customers who might want to slide into your DMs at any time.

The bigger of a company you are, the more customers you have. More customers mean more people buying from you and asking questions about your products and services. You might have to field hundreds or thousands of these messages every day.

These days, automated DM services from companies that create them exist. You can pay a one-time fee for such a service, or you can use one and pay a monthly, quarterly, or yearly fee.

What Can These Services Do for You?

These services are usually artificial intelligence-enabled. That means you can program them to answer many different questions, and the algorithm will understand some query variations as well.

If you have this system in place, you don’t need to have as many flesh-and-blood workers answering all of those DM queries. You can cut down on staff and work hours, saving you money.

This is an automation form that makes a lot of sense. There’s no reason to resist this technology since many other competing companies are using it. To dominate your niche, you need every advantage, like this one.

The Instagram automated DM service is kind of like a website chatbot. It’s a way your company can respond quickly to customer queries. If the service ever gets a question it can’t answer, it can pass that individual off to a live operator, but usually, these services can handle a vast question array.

If you don’t have one yet, but you’re using Instagram, you should certainly think about getting one.

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