The 10 League of Legends Champions with the best Lore

With more than 150 champions to choose from, newcomers to League of Legends are spoiled for choice. When it comes to selecting a champion for the first time, many players tend to focus on stats and abilities. Others use character design and aesthetics to inform their selection. However, many players delve into the lore and history behind champions to make their decision. Although these details don’t always impact champion performance and gameplay, these origin stories are certainly fascinating. Below, we highlight 10 League of Legends champions with the best lore. 

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10. Galio 

Galio is one of many mages in Runeterra. However, this epic champion stands out from the crowd. This colossal entity towers over most champions in League of Legends, while his body is made of enchanted stone that makes him immune to most spells and magical abilities. Because of his stone form, Galio spends much of his existence as a living statue, only launching into life when forced to do battle. 

9. Soraka 

Soraka is a popular champion choice with LoL beginners. She’s also a reliable option for those playing support roles. Soraka is a so-called Celestial, an otherworldly race with an affinity for healing magic and restorative abilities. Soraka doesn’t originate from Runeterra, but rather the Celestial Realm. After journeying to Runeterra to put her healing skills to good use, she decided to stick around to assist the moral races living there. 

8. Ryze 

On paper, Ryze is a mortal human. However, he’s been doing the rounds on Runeterra for centuries. He’s a mage by trade and his long life has made him one of the strongest warriors in his class. Ryze has spent hundreds of years traveling Runeterra for the so-called World Runes, enchanted stones that are said to be the source of incredible power. During his long life, Ryze has also acquired unusual abilities that few mages share, including the power of teleportation. 

7. Aatrox 

Aatrox is one of the most powerful beings in the world of League of Legends. According to in-game lore, Aatrox is something of a harbinger of doom. Aatrox was originally an Ascendant, but his celestial abilities were quickly warped by dark magic and he became a Darkin. Aatrox’s backstory is as tragic as it is chilling. Although he strives to bring an end to his pitiful existence, he’s prepared to take out every living thing on Runeterra to do so. 

6. Mordekaiser

Mordekaiser is not really a living being, rather a spirit that is precariously anchored to the physical realm. He arrived in his current form by cheating death and refusing to pass on into the Death Realm. As such, he’s acquired some ghastly abilities, including the power of necromancy. 

5. Xerath 

Xerath is becoming a firm fixture of the professional LoL esports schedule. Otherwise known as “The Emperor of Sands”, Xerath was once a mortal being. After suffering a grievous betrayal, he became an Ascendant and now strives to seek vengeance on those who murdered him. 

4. Kindred

Kindred is one of the more macabre champions in League of Legends. Kindred is a champion of two halves, but both aspects represent death. The Wolf aspect is violent and punishing in nature, pursuing those who attempt to escape their fate. By contrast, the Lamb represents a swift and pain-free end to suffering. 

3. Aurelion Sol 

Aurelion Sol is often considered the mightiest of all the League of Legends champions and he has the origin story to back this up. According to lore, Aurelion Sol has been around since the beginning of time. His godlike abilities allow him to reshape reality at will and he poses a significant threat to the existence of Runeterra itself. Currently, he’s anchored to Mount Targon and this is the only thing from destroying Runeterra itself. 

2. Lissandra 

Lissandra is one of the strongest female champions in League of Legends. She’s been vying for control of Freljord for most of her existence, constantly warring against other champions like Sejuani and Ashe. According to LoL lore, it was Lissandra who brought the Void into the world of Runeterra. After losing her sister witches in the process, she used her magic to hold back the tide and keep the monstrous inhabitants of the Void at bay. 

1. Ornn

Ornn hails from the same place as Lissandra. Despite his monstrous form, he’s inspired by the Greek pantheon of gods. He’s one of the more primordial champions in League of Legends, while his fiery facade belies a benevolent spirit. Although Ornn himself poses no direct risk to Runeterra, his eternal feud with brother Volibear is a different matter entirely. 

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