Modern Ways to Style Short Hair for Round Faces

Style Short Hair for Round Faces

There are so many short hair styles for a round face. However, not all will look great on the round face. We have collected some of the modern and trending short haircuts that you cannot resist this year. The looks will inspire you to try one of these sassy and sexy short hairstyles.

Any short haircut for a round face should feature a nice height on the forehead and incorporate subtle feathered side bangs. You can try out different textures, colours and include small braids in the bangs or if you want, go for asymmetry. Whichever technique you choose, you will get a short hairstyle that suits your round face. See some of the examples here.

1. Round Face Fix

Short haircuts are best when it comes to slimming the face. That promotes the self-consciousness of many women. Whether the roundness of their faces is as a result of health-related issues or genetics, there are unlimited short haircuts that can give you slimmer face and make you appear even more beautiful.

2. Short Hair with Highlights

To hide your facial roundness, you can incorporate gorgeous distraction such as day-shine hue all over your hair. Blue is the best pick; it is stunning and ideal for all seasons.

3. Asymmetrical Grunge Bob

Those who rock curly bobs understand it when we say this style is cute and girly. But you can take this look to a new level by incorporating asymmetrical inverted cut and then pairing it with platinum colour with a dark base. The edginess of this style is instantly uplifted without losing your femininity look.

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modern cute short hair styles for girls

4. Cropped Hair

Hairstyles that are short and neatly cropped appear fabulous on all women. In fact, short hair is the best-trusted choice for stylists. They will advise you to choose it if you need to slim your face.

5. Short Hair Reinverted

This is the modern take on classic pixie haircuts. The hairstyle features side and nape undercut. Ideal for warm weather without compromising your looks, this is a suitable haircut for fun-loving women who are looking for something a little unique. Comb the hair forward to keep it thin.

6. A-Line Bob and Arched Bangs

Opting for short hair if you have a round face is a genius decision if you want something slimming. For instance, this haircut has edges that accentuate the jawline giving a perfect frame to your cheekbones. With this cut, everything left out is admirable.

7. Delicate Feathers

If you have delicate hair, you can go for a layered cut with flicks that stay intact throughout the day. This is among the best short haircuts for women with the round face since it has an inclusive fringe that softens your facial features.

Brunette Short Hairs Cute Hair Styles

8. V-Cut Outgrown Pixie

Though most women are afraid of going short, this is sometimes a beautiful experience if you try. The standard boy cut looks sweet thanks to the wispy layers. Including bangs to this haircut not only keeps the look feminine, but it also balances the style when complemented with a fuller face. To get more volume, ensure that you tease the hair using your fingers.

9. Choppy Ash Blonde

Falling to the chin, this haircut is the best length to counteract the look of a round face. It gives an impression of a squared jawline. The short length hair can even work better for you if you add wispy waves in any colour.

10. Pixie Inspired Style

Short hairstyles for ladies with round and square face shapes have derived inspiration from fairy tales. This haircut is not new to many women, but it could be new to you if you are searching for a short hairstyle that genuinely maximises the self-conscious element of your look.

11. Edgy Ash Blonde Pixie

Soft bangs and sleek spikes give this modern pixie an elegant finish. Be daring enough and try out some bold colours out there. With short hair, you can experiment with any shade since the hair grows out faster and it is easy to manage in case of any hair damage.

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