Why You Should Enroll Yourself into a Self Defense Class

We are our own saviors. Taking care of ourselves is the most important thing so that we can also look after the people who are important in our lives. Taking care does not only include mentally or financially, but it also means to look after and protect our body. When we talk about self-defense, almost all people assume it is only about women and children. Only after being aware of the benefits of learning self-defense this myth can be shattered.

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Benefits of learning Self Defense

Let us take a look as to why learning self-defense is beneficial and important at the same time.

  • When we know the art of self-defense, we get a confidence boost because of the fact that we become aware of our strength and potential. The confidence comes from that belief that no matter what situation arises we are capable enough to handle.
  • Physical fitness cannot be ignored as another result of learning and practicing the art of self-defense. It would reduce the usual laziness one feels and easily noticeable changes will take place after a certain period of time.
  • Without any doubt this art would improve your reflex, you will be more aware of your surroundings, you would develop an eye for even the smallest of actions.
  • You would start looking forward to learning more and more each day, you would feel more focused on your goal, which is a proven fact.
  • When a person discovers his own capabilities, his self-respect would grow. This boosted self-respect teaches self-worth and makes the person respect other people fully.

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What to Look for When Choosing a Self Defense Class

There are certain things you need to keep in mind and take note before enrolling yourself in a self-defense class.

  1. First, you need to make a list of the self-defense classes in your locality. You can filter them further by considering the age group, gender, or type of self-defense they train people on.
  2. Martial arts and Self defense are not the same, you should not confuse the two. Martial arts is a small part of the entire self-defense mechanism. Also, martial arts is not suitable for practical situations so do not opt for martial arts classes.
  3. Check on the full course time period, if it is suitable for you or not. Usually, these courses take 3-4 months for completion but there are shorter courses available as well.
  4. Go for a demo class, you can wish to participate or just observe. Most of the classes allow that. This helps you to understand if the teaching method is suitable for you or not. It also gives you an idea about whether the environment is suitable for you or not.
  5. You can also ask any of the students how the class is helping them out. Judging the practicality of the taught moves is an important factor in deciding which class to join.
  6. Keep in mind you have to be comfortable to take advantage of the course fully. Select the teacher according to your gender preference and notice how the teacher is while working with the students.
  7. Courses which are good focus on teaching how to avoid an attack by verbal actions, it is not always required to use physical strength to combat a situation, ask the teacher if they teach anything that sort of since it is the sign of an efficient course.
  8. While choosing a class see if the instructor sets realistic goals for each student or not, because setting unrealistic goals which promises success in near future would not help to combat real-life situations. Flexibility of course depending on each person is important.

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Top Self Defense Institutes in the USA

If you live in the United States then here is a list of best Self Defense classes you can check out. These self-defense classes in the USA have the most enrollment and customer satisfaction. Most of these USA self-defense classes provide free trial from few days to a whole week too. So, check out our list of these best Self-Defense classes in USA

1. O.B.R.A. Self Defense Systems

Their name signifies Combat Objective Battle Ready Applications. The founder of this institute Chris Sutton is an ex-street cop, sheriff and correction officer. Famous as ‘Police Academy For Civilians’, this tops the list for the brilliant training record. Their training includes survival skills, close quarter combat, escape, scenario training and the like.

Sef Defense Techniques2. USA Professional Karate

Located in Pittsburgh, they have kids’ karate, adult karate and Krav Maga or close combat. They started training in the year 1981. Along with American karate, they teach kickboxing and martial arts which can be applied in real-life situations.

3. International Krav Maga Federation USA

Located in Fort Worth this institute specialises in Krav Maga Israeli form of self defense. They have different programs based on different age groups. Krav Maga helps in military life, civil life and law enforcement as well.

4. United States Karate Academy(USKA)

Located in San Diego and East Lake Chula Vista . They specialise in different kinds of interesting child programmes which include the involvement of parents. They also have adult programmes for intense training to combat real life situations. They offer free trials which helps to choose wisely.

5. Graccie Barra Jiu-Jitsu

Located in Scottsdale and with over 700 schools in 6 continents, they teach Brazilian form of combat which they are specialized on. They follow discipline and maintain a proper code of conduct. There are intense training programmes which include their special GB programme, private training programme and fitness programme. They have their own merchandise brand as well. Their programmes also include 5 week, 6 week and 7 week programmes from which you can choose accordingly.

6. Academy of Self Defense

Located in Santa Clara they offer a great number of different courses such as Muay Thai, CrossFit, Combat Hapkido, The Pit MMA and boot camp. They offer a free trial of two weeks for people who want to decide surely before joining. If you still want some more motivation, their websites have the details of their upcoming seminars.

The importance of learning self-defense starting from a kid to an adult cannot be denied because of the dangers which are there outside. It is never wrong to maintain a healthy life, to create a focused mind for better concentration, to feel confident. Not only for these reasons, but there are chances for you to come across a bunch of good people, create a circle of friends and have fun while learning. Do not fear the first few days of hesitation & muscle soreness because, in the end, it is going to bring some gain. All the best and happy learning.

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