4 Tips On How To Teach Kids To Make Healthy Choices

Technology came into our lives occupied them and they are not leaving anytime soon. In fact, our lives can’t function without technology, we are wired to it. As parents, we are stuck between our kids being stuck on technological devices throughout or keeping them away from all forms of technology. Especially, if your kids are at that age where you cannot dictate to them what they can do with their free time, but it would be very important if you teach them how to manage their time; in terms of what time they need to be on digital devices and time for my bio lab activities.

Technology is like taking food that looks delicious, but at the end of it, it has no nutritional value in your kid’s life. That is bad technology, but is there a way of preventing the bad technology from taking over your kid’s life? Parents should learn how to choose engaging tools for kids so that they learn basic technical skills and they don’t end up in the drawer in a few weeks.

Tips on how to teach kids to make healthy choices

1. Teach them to value offline connections

Every human needs to secure relations with other humans for love, safety, validation, and warmth. Most people spend much time online giving up human relations. Kids need to learn from their parents the importance of having time to relate to other humans with all devices turned off. Teach them the importance of face-to-face interactions, which maintain close connections as you talk about things that really matter. Limit on technology use and emphasize real-life interactions.

2. Kids should understand ‘why’

Kids should be inspired to act out of internal motivation. Always encourage them to reason out by asking themselves why before they make a move. ‘Why am I online? Why am I posting this and that?’ Does time spend on devices really count as time lost or gained? What do I sacrifice to be online?

When your kids understand and ask themselves all these questions they are able to reason and make good choices that will reflect on their values. They will learn how to separate their real life with online life and they can easily decide how much time they spend on digital devices and on what.

3. Set the rules

Kids will always want to get the newest device in town, but before you get it for them you need to talk with your kid. First, find out the reason as to why they want the gadget, what have they heard it does or it can do. Then talk about what is appropriate for them and what is not. Teach them on appropriate uses of social media. Set rules and expectations and make sure your kids stick to them. When it comes to posting on social media teach them the impact it would have on their life.

4. Create time for a digital detox

Kids should learn that it is okay to be offline. Set times when you do not allow the use of devices such as during chores or during dinner time. Discourage use of phones, tablets or computers at such times.

When you put restrictions on the use of technology you will be relieved of all the stress because your kids will understand the importance of certain times without devices. Strengthening human interactions are important within the family and it will help them relate better in school. They also get to learn that there are useful communities like the paper writing pros who can readily help with the development of learning skills.

Sameer Raj has a keen interest in technology. He spent most of his time socializing with gadgets & tools than human beings. With each of his articles, Sameer shares such unique tricks that you might never knew.