4 Types of Apps Used Exclusively by Rich People

The top 1% of society tend to do things differently than your average Joe. They move in more exclusive circles, head to vacation destinations most of us have never even heard of, and even use technology differently to the rest of us.

Anyone can download an app but there are certain apps that are exclusively the domain of the ultra-rich. If you want to know how to live like a millionaire, read on to find out the kind of apps you need to download today.

Dating Apps for Rich People

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Rich people prefer to date within their own economic circles, and Silicon Valley has stepped in to cater to this. There are a number of hugely popular apps which claim to exclusively serve millionaires, with a number of famous celebrities, businesspeople, and even politicians reportedly using them.

One of the most well-known is Millionaire Match. To join you need to be invited by someone already using it, as well as going through a rigorous verification process. Another popular one is Luxy, where new users have to submit documents proving they earn over $200,000 a year before they can join.

Lifestyle Apps for Rich People

Private Jet
The rich are just as accustomed to the conveniences of the smartphone era as the rest of us. A huge number of apps have sprung up to cater to the lifestyles of the rich and famous in recent years. For those who really don’t care about their carbon footprint, the BlackJet app allows you to arrange a private jet pickup from anywhere in the world, as long as there’s a runway.

Those looking for the lifestyle of the rich and famous without necessarily having a seven-figure salary can be found using the Club Royale membership benefits on the Mr. Green App, which includes luxury trips to Miami, Lapland, and the Bahamas for paid-up members.

Then, there’s the lifestyle app for the person who truly has everything, LuxuryEstate, which allows users to surf through multi-million dollar homes and purchase them at the touch of a screen. It doesn’t get much more ridiculous than that.

Shopping Apps for Rich People

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The ultra-rich tend to avoid Amazon and eBay in favour of more exclusive platforms. Arguably, the most popular app is the Sotheby’s Catalogue, which allows the upper-echelons of society to bid on priceless artworks and vintage cars with the same ease that most people would order a new phone charger online.

There’s also the single most expensive app on the iTunes store, VIP Black, which, for a cool $999 can provide you with discounts from all of the world’s biggest luxury retailers, such as Harrods and Bergdorf Goodman.

Even if all you want is a quick meal, there’s a millionaire version of Uber Eats. Simply download the Taste Savant app to get tasting menus that have been handpicked by New York Times critics served up directly to your front door. You’ll never be content with a 3 am Dominoes ever again.

These apps show the kind of lifestyle that really does exist for those who make it to the top 1%. Maybe one day, if you play your cards right, you’ll get there too.

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