Careers in Tech: How to Get into the Cybersecurity Industry


The constant and rapid advance of the technology industry directly correlates to the need for cybersecurity. Companies that handle any type of online data technology are at risk of security breaches due to hackers on their heels.

People that work in the cybersecurity industry specialize in protecting these companies from the hiccups in their systems. They work to find and fix any security issues, then guard the data from more extreme hacking techniques.

Know Your Strengths

If you want a career in the cybersecurity industry you need to be aware of your skill set. There are specific strengths required to work in this job setting. Expertise in problem-solving, precision and staying calm in hectic situations are requirements for any of these jobs.

Decide What You Want to Do

In this industry, there are many different directions to go in as far as specific jobs. It is important to understand the differences in job description to ensure you pick the field you feel you’ll be most successful in. If you are searching for available Dallas tech jobs for example, find the specific job that matches your qualifications and skills. If you are skilled in software development, filter out the jobs that require you to have a knowledge in hardware or web design. Some of the jobs include:

  • Personnel who has done certifications in ethical hacking These are personnel hired by a company to find the weak spots or holes in the security of their systems by essentially attempting to hack their data.
  • Cryptography — In this field, experts convert data into a code only readable by trusted sources. It allows the files to secretly travel through different networks.
  • Software Developer — Developers create any type of software that will monitor or increase the protection of a company’s data.
  • Security Architect — With the findings of an ethical hacker, these architects work to find ways to strengthen the security systems.
  • Forensic Tester — These responders to cyber crimes analyze the evidence left behind after a successful hack. There are traces that can be left behind that will lead to the guilty suspect.

Find the Requirements

Depending on the route you take, jobs in this field may have an education requirement of a degree or some may allow certificates from independently taught classes. If you are interested in attending college or already do, most universities offer options for a degree in IT or cybersecurity.

If school is not for you or you want to get certified faster, some jobs will accept class certificates. Independent companies such as Alpine Security hold training classes in person and online to prepare users for cybersecurity exams. These are specifically industry recognized.

Get Certified

Passing your exams and practicing is a must if you want to get hired into this industry. They are jobs that require attention to detail and precision, so plenty of preparation is required. Make sure to only take classes that guarantee a pass on the exam. This will give you the opportunity to properly understand the material.

Applying for an internship is a beneficial way to get experience and could also lead to a job. If you leave a good enough impression to get offered a job while you are soaking up as much additional knowledge as you can, it could be a win/win situation.

Apply for The Job

Make sure not to rush yourself into being ready. When you feel as though you have enough training and experience to apply for a job, don’t second guess yourself! It can be hard to build up the courage to try something new but if you are well prepared, you will succeed.


Joining clubs or groups will increase your network of acquaintances. It is crucial to know as many people in your industry as possible. Your fellow colleagues will hold tricks of the trade and insider information about the profession. You will gain knowledge not available to those without experience.

The cybersecurity industry is a growing, high paying, secure job field that will continue to need new experts. Following these steps will get you closer to fulfilling your dream and helping protect the privacy of individuals and companies worldwide.

Ranbeer Maver is a Computer Science undergraduate. He's a geek who embraces any new consumer technology with inhuman enthusiasm.