All You Need To Know About Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLRO

Since its inception in the human world, watches have been evolving. There are plenty of watch brands that have been dominating the industry with their quality service and manufacture. You can even get a used omega speedmaster in its best condition but at a very affordable price now.

Rolex is a dominating name that has placed itself in the watch industry as a reliable and luxury wristwatch brand. Over the years, Rolex has introduced several series of watches, out of which GMT – Master is one of the most recognized ones.

Deemed as a cosmopolitan watch, GMT – Master was launched in 1955. Showing two different time zones together was the major attraction of this Rolex series. It was originally made as a navigation instrument for travelers crossing oceans and land borders. The upgraded version, GMT – Master II, was launched in 1982. Peerless technology, robust built, and sleek aesthetics are the major takeaways of this watch. Recently GMT – Master II series added a new member into the family, i.e., GMT – Master II 126710BLRO.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the tempting features of this Rolex beauty.


In the majority of its watches, Rolex uses Oystersteel to make the watch cases. Belonging to the 904L steel family, Oystersteel is commonly used in aerospace and chemical technology. It has superior resistance to corrosion. GMT – Master II is also equipped with Oystersteel allowing the watch to maintain its charm for long.

 Black Dial 

Giving a stunning appearance to the watch altogether, GMT – Master II comes with a black dial. Considered ideal for better identity and readability, the black dial also adds a classy appeal to the watch. Polished with 18 carat gold, the dial case is manufactured in-house to ensure the perfection at its best. Unlike any other Rolex product, GMT – Master II promises to offer the best you can get from a luxury watch.

Jubilee Bracelet

GMT – Master II uses Jubilee bracelet fashioned with stringent and high-end technology. Adding aesthetics and quality to the bracelet strap, Jubilee makes the watch even more luxurious. Jubilee is comfortable to wear and completely lightweight, so you can adorn your Rolex throughout the day.

 3285 Movement

Movement is an important feature of Rolex watches. GMT – Master II uses new caliber 3285, a new-gen movement that was introduced by Rolex. The movement comprises of a Chronergy escapement and a backup power of 70 hours approx. 3285 movement is a certified Swiss chronometer for high precision.

 24 Hour Rotatable Bezel

In addition to the above-mentioned features, GMT – Master II comes with an arrow tipped hand that moves the dial every once in 24 hours. The multicolored 24 hours graduated bezel depicts the home time zone and the other time zone.

When it comes to taking about luxury watch brands, Rolex is the first name that crosses our minds. With its impeccable features and stunning aesthetics, Rolex has never failed to startle its customers. With GMT- Master II, Rolex aims to bring the wave of dual time zone watches into the industry.

The above mentioned were some of the alluring features of GMT – Master II that would tempt any watch lover to invest in this luxurious watch.

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