NetBase Banks on Social Listening to Elevate Brands

Social listening refers to the process of assessing digital conversations in order to understand the customer’s opinion and observation about a brand. Marketers use social listening to delve into community management like recognizing customer pain points in addition to providing a direct response to consumer inquiry and comments. The strategy can also be used to garner feedback that may be useful in differentiating a brand, product, and a service. By conducting social listening, a company can create the type of content followers want. It can also develop ideas based on current industry trends. This is done to improve the customer experience. A brand may also use this strategy to fit consumer needs.

social listening

It’s vital for a brand to arrive at these conclusions since it enhances a customer-centric mindset in a company. Instead of assuming the type of brand a client needs, the firm should hear what consumers are saying since it’s common for individuals to share their political and branding opinion in public.

Benefits of Conducting Social Listening

  • Responding to Consumer Needs

Consumers aspire to be given attention on social media. Research by marketing analysts indicates that about 80% of respondents like when a company responds to their questions. 60% likes when a brand joins the conversation. A responsive brand on social media makes a huge difference. Besides, 48% of consumers purchase products from a brand that is highly responsive to its clients. Listening and responding entails crafting responses that may help a brand to create value. Such kinds of reactions will enhance brand loyalty while increasing the company’s rate of customer retention.

  • Finding User-generated Content

Consumers often post videos while praising products online. By conducting social listening, a brand can find such content. User-generated data can be used as an effective marketing strategy. Research indicates that clients trust other consumer’s recommendations particularly influencers. Finding this content and amplifying it is not only affordable but effective. It allows a business to compete with companies that often pay for widespread advertising.

  • Measure a Brand’s PR results

Citizens get hold of news through social media. Social media news consumption isn’t confined to young individuals only. That implies that monitoring social media when it comes to mentions of a brand or product is crucial in the current business environment. PR professionals have understood that evaluating prominent platforms on social media alongside blogs is vital since posts affect the reputation of a brand. Social media listening is a significant part of a media measurement program that enables the PR department to assess and prove the value of their content.

  • Provide Better Customer Service

Social listening enables a company to offer better customer service. It also allows a marketer to assess what customers say they prefer while giving a response at the same time. Listening may also assist marketers in managing their product’s reputation.


NetBase is a leading social media analytics platform that international brands use to manage brands, connect with clients, in addition to building businesses. The platform processes thousands of social media posts for viable business insight for research, marketing, and customer service. NetBase has worked with companies such as Coca-Cola, T-Mobile, and Walmart.

NetBase understands that customer experience data is meaningful when a company extracts accurate insight. The organization delivers precise and accurate customer insight garnered from various sources of customer feedback such as short phrases, long product reviews on social sites, and sarcastic survey responses. NetBase applies artificial intelligence across different sources of customer experience data to get rid of data silos while creating a unified client voice of the customer that drives business decisions.

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