The Next Generation of The Brand-New Xbox’s

It was in November that Microsoft showed the next generation of their consoles and their price as well. Since then, the Japanese citizens have been in an uphill battle for Microsoft. This brand has definitely tried very hard with the Xbox 360 in order for it to appeal to Japanese players. However, it was a total failure. The Xbox One’s Japan release was also, unfortunately, was also not good but how will do the Xbox Series X and S in this country?

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Quality is important for Microsoft  

It was during an all-digital Tokyo Game Show that Microsoft showed they had a lot of games already prepared for the new Xboxs. They were mainly focusing on titles such as Resident Evil 7, Fallout, Doom, Elder Scrolls and others. Of course, then there are the normal games that Xbox already has such as Halo, Minecraft, Mortal Kombat, Marvel’s Avengers, etc.

Quality is key for Microsoft and this is why the new Xboxs are the best ever. Due to all of this, there has been a rapid growth worldwide and a lot of people are buying these new Xboxs. Hopefully, they’ll continue to go as good, even with the launch of the PS5.

Cloud-based video game streaming service is being launched

Microsoft is going to release its own cloud-based video game streaming in Japan by the summer in 2021. This means there’s going to be a huge expanding of the company and, of course, of the world’s gaming arenas.

This streaming service’s debut in Japan show that Microsoft is definitely committed to the highly growing market of the Game Pass subscription, stated Xbox chief Phil Spencer. Microsoft has started to test this technology for next year’s launch in Japan. This brand is also doing an upgrade regarding its support for Japanese creators, including the distribution of game development kits to over 100 independent creators. Many will actually launch their games first on Xbox, like Hinton stated.

The opportunity to play anywhere and whenever you want

The team behind the brand is now working in order so that players can have the possibility to play anywhere and this includes their own consoles, mobile devices and computers. Its streaming service is vital to this and it’s already present in 22 countries. For example, in South Korea Microsoft has roped in the nation’s largest carrier SK Telecom Co. and also with Samsung Electronics Co. as partners. This will happen in Japan very soon, since wireless carriers in Japan are definitely eager to collaborate to develop 5G services.

Why a cloud service in Japan?

This is definitely a great option when it comes to Japanese players since there are a lot of players who love to play games anywhere and they would like to use any of their devices, in several settings. XCloud was announced at the same time with both of the Xboxs. Hopefully, this will be a success instead of a failure.

XCloud would be available on smartphones, which is an amazing idea. Imagine being able to play Doom or even Halo through your smartphone when you’re on the train, that’s the dream of everyone. It’s likely that soon you’re going to be do that.

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