Oregon Coast Road Trip in 2019

If you are looking for the best location to spend your vacation, going on a road trip on the Oregon coast road might be the best option to consider. The city of Oregon has a lot of sightseeing locations that anyone would want to see. There you meet a lot of people that are accommodating. Furthermore, if you are in the city of Oregon and what to experience a nice time with your family, some places are worth visiting. Some of these places are:

Oregon Coast Road Trip

John Day Fossil Beds National Monument

This is located at 32651 OR-19, Kimberly, OR 97848, USA.  It is a very good location for visitors around the world. This is an eleven- acre containing water playground for children, it also as natural areas and an amphitheater for the enjoyment of the visitors. If you have an interest in climbing trees, then you should visit the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument because they have a tree house where you can climb to your satisfaction, and they have lots of fountains that make it more beautiful.

The Historic Carousel and Museum

this is another sightseeing location located at 503 1st Ave NW, Albany, OR 97321 – 2229. The admission into the museum is free, so you rest assured that you are going in there to learn more and feed your eyes without paying a dine. You will see things like an Art gallery, conference and meeting space for lectures if the condition warrants it. They have a gift shop where you can purchase gifts for friends and relatives. Visiting this museum will let you know more about the history of Oregon.

Jones night club

this is one of the leading nightclubs in the city of Oregon where enjoyment is at the fullest.it is located at 107 NW Coach St, Portland, OR 97209, USA.  Bobby G’s is also referred to as the upscale and contemporary, “Locals bar” because it is a place where you will be entertained until you resist the enjoyment. They have a segment where you can order drinks and foods from around the world for your enjoyment. Also, there are some events been carried out with lovely themes such as Ladies Night, Hospitality Night, Something New at Blue and lots more. There are other act ivies been carried out in the club such as live music.

Trio club

this is another popular nightclub in the city of Oregon that you would want to visit. It is located at 909 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214, USA. This is a bar that runs nightclub activities, and it is a place to be. It has a great atmosphere and beer selection with mannered workers that will always treat you like a king or queen. Furthermore, it entertains customers with the latest songs from the world of music. There are lots of good people you could meet here as well.

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 Sporting events to watch one for in Oregon

The city of Oregon is home of sport and happiness. There are lots of sporting activities you may be part of if you visit the city of Oregon. If you are planning on traveling and you would love to add sport to your to-do list then pick the city of Oregon has your first choice because there are lots you would be part of because you will be entertained with sports activities no matter the time of the year you will be visiting the city. Some of the common sports you will be entertained with are:

Oregon Sports Event

American Football

Visiting the city of Oregon will allow you to view what American football is all about. The game is one of the most watched sports so if you are having a road trip to Oregon, be assured that you will enjoy your trip. If you are new to American football, you will understand that the field and the ball used in the game is different from that of soccer. If you want to know more about the difference between American football and soccer, then visit the city of Oregon. You will meet a lot of people that will mingle with you and make your trip a fulfilled one.


This is another popular sport in the city of Oregon been played among the young and the old. It is a sport that one can learn with ease. Travelers who are visiting this prestigious city should have it in mind that tennis is a game of love. There are instructors willing to teach visitors that have it in mind to learn the game of tennis.

Make your road trip to Through the Oregon coast a memorable one by visiting all the placed listed above.

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