This Robotic Low-Temperature Battery can Work under Extreme Environment

As today when, Robots are the master’s helpers in mechanical and other technological advances, unable to lead up many difficult tasks more easily and quickly than humans. The term Robot or Robotic is not new to us, and it simply means a mechanically equipped device that functions with software-based intelligence to perform a specific task.

The robot needs a specific kind of Robotic Battery that is easy to maintain, reliable with usability. As there are many kinds of robots and numerous type of batteries available in the market, but to get Low-Temperature Battery is quite a crucial need to improve the life of the robot, it’s functioning, and even the battery life to some extent.

In fact, Intelligence Lithium-ion Battery Designs different volts are ideal battery solutions for Robots used in various mechanical or technical work fields.

Low Temperature Battery

What A Robot Exactly Involves:

Robots are however too much advanced or technical or else mechanical but come with three basic functionalities. These are:


A robot is designed with an ability to sense the environment with its external sensors. For kind of sensing operations, it is featured with sensors that help improves the individual operational quality such as temperature, light intensity, infrared radiations, touch sensitivity, voice recognition, proximity, or else electronic/software controlling sensors or chips.

Decision Making:

Every robotic device or machine is worthless a bin if not hold a specific software-based intelligence to make useful and capable decision-making achievements. The sense of environment, the possibility to manage and maintain the task easier or other decision-making aspects are only possible because of the well organized programmed code that controls it up.


If we talk about the performing ability of the robots than, they are obviously designed to deal with multiple and more physical tasks to comfort humans as prior. The performing capability of robots is more speedy, accurate, and easy because they are well programmed, and are attached with actuators and motors, which controls them.

What Kinds Of Robotic Batteries Are Significant:

As many kinds of professional fields need the right kind of robotic assessment. Robots are giant machines with artificial intelligence helping many sectors such as industries, medical, cleaning and services, education, logistics van, AGV, RGV, and other automatic robotic systems.

Low-Temperature Battery with unusual features are mentioned below:

  • It comes within various voltages such as 3.7V, 6.4V, 7.4V, 11.1V, 12V, 14.8V, 24V, 25.6V, 25.9V, 36V, 72V and more.
  • Featured with the unique capacity of 1~5Ah, 5~10Ah, 10~20Ah, 20~50Ah, 50~100Ah, >200Ah, etc.
  • These low batteries are reliable with a cell model such as 18650, 25.9V 500mAh Low-Temperature Battery for Military Aircraft Instrument, 7.4V 2200mAh Low-Temperature Polymer Battery for Military Warm Shoes and many others.
  • Cell Brand inherited to these low-temperature batteries and cells are Lishen, Large and others including, 18650 14.8V 2200mAh Low-Temperature Battery for Military Portable Power Supply, 18650 3.7V 13.2Ah Low-Temperature Battery Signal Monitor and more types.
  • These all kind of robotic low-temperature batteries and cells are useful and supportive in the military, special robots, high tech instruments, survey, and robots, etc.

In addition, Robotic Battery specifications and features are listed below:

Cells and batteries are classified according to its usability and purpose in the field of the profession such as Military, Medical, Instrument, Robotic, Survey, Handheld and more.


Robotic batteries today are reliable, affordable and also ensure the maximum of safety while in use within its application and purpose. These batteries include-

  1. 24V 20Ah lithium-ion battery- Ideal for cleaning robots, actually are reliable, waterproof, heatproof, dustproof, and shock resistant batteries.
  2. 51.2V 50Ah Lithium-ion Battery– Perfect Design solutions for Intelligence Robotic Explorer to check out the equipment such as railway tracks, etc. These are significant options in aerospace devices as are dustproof water-resistant, shock-resistant and are cold-reduced sheet batteries for power housing the technology.
  3. 25.6V 38.4Ah AGV lithium-ion battery- Thoughtfully designed for the scheme of the car, as comprised of AGV carriers so are quite reliable. These batteries come with safety protection guidance and are usable with all types of transmission functions.
  4. 14.8V 10400mAh Intelligent Lithium-ion Battery- Suitably Designed in the scheme of Greeting Intelligence Robots that are build to give up the highest functionality of monitoring the areas for security reasons. Robotics operations such as VIP recognition, remote video recordings, etc. to manage up business, commercial areas, enterprises with full-fledged flow need such smart robots, and for their active operations, these batteries are dominant ones.
  5. 14.8V 2200mAh lithium-ion battery- Designed under the scheme of intelligent sweeper that moreover required materialistic life, and other spiritual needs to add it a comfort. As people are looking for luxuries and intelligent devices, floor mopping robots, or home helper as a robot are coming for the trend to deal with people, who are prone to laziness moods.

The batteries are perfect for such high-tech and intelligent household appliance robots to sense and detect the room with the mess, and another cleaning status. What makes these batteries stand out from others that these are eco-friendly, long life, safe, reliable and stable batteries also adaptive to the temperature of different areas.

The robotic cars or robotic vehicles are one of the many robotic designs which are developed to move around for performing physical tasks. The motion of such a robot itself involves the application of power and use of motors. In making such a robot, there needs to be a balance between the load (weight of Robot), Battery and Motor used.

These three elements are connected with each other and choosing the right one needs a lot of mathematics and experimentation. Like in the previous tutorial, it was discussed how to choose a right motor for a robotic application, in this tutorial, how to choose a suitable battery for the selected motor according to the load is determined.

Before learning about the types of battery let us first have a look at the basic specifications of batteries.

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