Playing Bitcoin Games with Zero Deposit

Often referred to as the silver to Bitcoin’s gold, Litecoin provides users with the option to dip their toe into the world of trading, with less of perceived risk. For the people who love as little risk as possible, BitCoin games where little or no deposit is required could prove to be very popular. Here’s why.

Sometimes when you play an online game, especially one that rewards players with Bitcoin or other monetary and currency based rewards, there can be an inherent risk of losing your own Bitcoin (or other currency) value and subsequently making a dent in the amount of Bitcoin in your wallet.


Now we’re talking games here, so if you’re not much of a risk taker, games that require absolutely no deposit to play may seem much more appealing.

Detailed and described here is a game where absolutely no deposit is required to play.

Even better still, is the fact that this game actually requires plenty of concentration, skill, and commitment, as opposed to being solely dependent on pot luck. If there’s still too much risk for you here, we suggest you stick to your regular board games. Just kidding.

The litecoin price made that an attractive option for risk-averse and brand new traders alike, and so similarly, perhaps this game is the perfect option for the risk-averse trader come gamer of today’s world.

It’s fun too, which helps.

Altcoin Fantasy

It might not be the game that everyone has been waiting for, but Altcoin Fantasy, a virtual crypto trading game, like many others newly available, suggests that it will teach you how to trade crypto, all the while protected by the risk-free umbrella of zero deposit.

A little bit like a crypto guru may be, in the guise of a pretty cool game.

A competitive leaderboard helps you track your progress against other players, without the need to sacrifice any of your hard earned money.

Both the website and the mobile app provide platforms for trading, with the whole of the world being targeted for a market place. The presentation of the game is pretty neat, with an exceptional and stylish interface, a professional layout and regular updates, including monthly contests where real Bitcoin is at stake.

Different sponsors host a selection of trading contests with each one being available to play for free. The end goal of the game is to accumulate as much cryptocurrency as you possibly can before the contest reaches its conclusion.

Win the contest and you’ll be rewarded with actual Bitcoin, making this a race well worth running, especially as it was risk-free from start to finish.

Other cryptocurrencies like Stellar Lumens and Ethereum feature, but the value of the prize pot depends on the particular contest you enter.

There are some contests where only the winner receives an award, whilst others share the prize pot a little wider.

The main selling point, not that its necessarily selling anything, is its promise to clue you up on the world of trading and Bitcoin. It even has what it calls an Academy for you to progress through.

Dummy’s Guides and Crypto Glossaries make this much more than a game. It’s a learning experience, within a game, within a risk-free environment. Just like the risk-free environment, you were looking for in the first place.

The Crypto Glossaries in particular, are a great tool for helping you cut your teeth in the shade of this game, meaning that when you’re ready to set yourself free into the world of real trading, as big and scary as that sounds right now, you won’t be caught off guard by acronyms and abbreviations that don’t make sense to you. Altcoin Fantasy will have you pre-equipped and more than ready to face The Block Chain and the world of trading in it’s most harsh of environments. If you’re getting a bit hot under the collar at this point, and you’re starting to think that this is way more than you signed up for, don’t sweat it. The regular updates and fresh as a daisy content that comes with Altcoin Fantasy mean that if you’re never ready to progress to Litecoin, Bitcoin and beyond, you don’t have to.

You can simply continue to earn real cryptocurrency, from the comfort of your own home, in the slickest online Bitcoin game around. Risk? What risk?

There’s no risk here as you can plainly see by now. It is the perfect opportunity to dip your toe and test the water.

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