Most Popular Family Board Games for Christmas

Christmas is the time for holidays, presents, food, family, fun and everything happy bound all together. It has been a tradition of many households to gather and have a feast along with playing classic board games which have been there for quite a long time. However, many new games have also emerged that have earned their place in people’s hearts for the perfect evening of Christmas. Such moments demand to be off screen and put in your mind and heart to it. They require different skills but there is something for everyone around. It brings the whole family and friends together that get to spend an enjoyable amount of time. Settling for a little healthy competition make for an amazing way to let go off stress too.

Christmas Board Games

Even the adults indulge into the board games so much that children get to see another side of them. Christmas brings along a great time in the entire year which is full of comfort and hot chocolate. The family board games bring in an exciting twist for having a quality time with each other. It brings out the sport in you and also tests you in incredible ways. So, to reduce your screen time and make the most out of the evening of Christmas, here are the most popular family board games for the season that you can go for:

1. Monopoly

Monopoly has been a part of many family traditions for several years. It is a fun board game which involves trading of properties and the development of hotels and houses. It is played with a dice that moves the players and players collect money from their opponents as rent, with the only goal of driving everyone into bankruptcy. There are various other cards and rules which performs different tasks. It has become popular over the years due to its competitive air and the feuds that it creates. It has been known to make people get super intense and crazy with their business skills.

Monopoly Board Game

2. Cluedo

Cluedo is a mystery murder game whose objective is to find the murderer of the victim in the game, the location of the crime and the murder weapon. Players assume roles of suspects and try to deduce who did the heinous crime by moving around strategically in the game board which has representations of rooms of the mansion, all the while collecting clues from other players about the murder circumstances. It involves accusations and a lot of logical reasoning to find the ultimate murderer through your skills. And, if you are the murderer, you have to keep your calm and be natural so as to not be caught red-handed.

If you love this concept and you to play similar games with intelligent people from around the world then Clue came to mobile, apps have been launched for iOS and Android. However, if you would rather play the classic Bingo game you can learn more at

Cluedo Board Game

3. Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit tests your popular culture and general knowledge ability. There are dozens of sets of questions involved which have been organized into different themes and genres. There are specific period questions as well for a particular group of people who are fans for promotions or for the interested ones and for the younger people, there are different question sets too. The objective of the said game is for everyone to keep moving around the game board by continuously answering the questions correctly.

Trivial Pursuit

4. Scrabble

Scrabble has always been a favorite during the festivities. Similarly, Christmas sees exciting rounds of this board game being played between friends and family, needing an expansive idea of vocabulary and exploring new ones. The objective of the game is to form words on the board with the letters given to you and gain more points than your opponent, depending on the length of the words you have formed. It is vital to keep in check the alphabets available to you so you can make the words according to that and last till the end.

Scrabble Board Game

5. Strictly Come Dancing

The board game “Strictly Come Dancing” is based on a popular show of the same name and consists of many mini-games. You get to answer trivia questions about the show and get a chance to go up in the level of stardom while completing training levels. You have to participate in mini-dance battles, vote for a favorite player of yours and see who makes it to finals. It is a battle to win the trophy of glitter ball that is so coveted.

Strictly Come Dancing Board Game

6. Pictionary

Pictionary is another of the fun games that gets better with time. You will get a card with the name of an object and then a minute for drawing it out on a board. Your teammates will try to guess what it is, and whoever guesses first, will win. It can be played in different teams or as a whole, depending on you. It does not require for you to be good at making drawings as it gets more entertaining when there is a lack of such skills. It is a good test of identification and teamwork.

Pictionary Board Game

7. Pie Face Cannon

One more classic family board game that is intriguing, fun and adrenaline rushing at the same time is Pie Face Cannon. It requires for players to put their chin over the rest for the chin which is kept behind a cardboard mark. The other player then aims the launcher or cannon at the opponent holding the object to be smashed on the face and launches it. The objective is to avoid from being splattered on the face.

Pie Face Cannon

Like the above-mentioned games, there are many more family board games that are played at Christmas and make the festival more fun and enjoyable. However, there are a few that make it into the traditions of families and played every year. The provided list contained such board games so that you can include them in your list for the upcoming days to make the gathering of friends, family or relatives an exciting one.

Keep in mind to have a healthy atmosphere and know the rules of every game before playing it. To make it successful, everyone needs to be a sport and play it without any hesitation. Games are for people to engage in entertaining tasks while spending a good time with each other. So, everybody should keep that in mind and make the most out the moments.

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