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On December 9, 2018
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The old online brand of banking, ING Direct has acquired the new name of Capital One 360. ING Direct was purchased by Capital One in the year 2012 and its website was rebranded in 2013. You are bound to find several of the services and features that you were familiarised with at the Capital One 360 if you stood aware of ING Direct.

The Basics to Know About Capital One 360

Capital One 360 happens to be a solid and well-maintained online bank. You will find rates there to be far better than those found at the credit union or a physically standing bank. It is, however, probable that the best of rates will not be available at Capital One 360, rest assured, you will find the most competitive rates which are often fine enough. If there happens to be lots and lots of money in cash sitting with you just like that, it is better for it to receive an extra APY of 0.05% than for you to keep scouring other competent online banks for higher offers. It will not be worth the while and for most people, Capital One 360 has proved to be an adequately perfect account.

For those of you who are concerned about the safety of your money, know that the account of Capital One 360 lie FDIC insured.

Capital One 360 Feat

Capital One 360 Savings

The main lure posed by the online bank is probably the Capital One 360 savings ensured by the straightforward savings accounts. They offer accounts that promise decent returns with no fees charged monthly and no minimum balance requirement. The rates seem to change constantly there, so in order to remain up to date with their rates, check the official website of the bank. However, you can be sure to receive more than what you would have received at any other big bank.

To fund your account at Capital One 360, you will need to provide linkage to it with an already existing account at a physically standing bank. When the account is opened, you will have to submit an initial funding check and all of your information of banking will be analyzed through it by using the data provided at the check’s bottom. Once the confirmation of the link establishment is done, you will be able to transfer money electronically from Capital One 360 to the physically standing bank and vice versa. However, remain aware of the fact that only 6 withdrawals can be made from your account per month just like other similar accounts for savings. So, if you wish to do withdrawals more often, you can consider opening a checking account.

CapitalOne360 Bonuses

Capital One 360 Checking

If you wish to have more access towards the cash in your account but want it earning little interest too while it is in the online bank, you may use the facility of Capital One 360 checking account. Just like the savings accounts, there is no fees or the minimum requirement of balance, but you may end up paying fees for doing certain things such as bouncing a check and of the sort. The additional features that the account includes the following:

  • To be able to write out checks (Capital One must order the checks)
  • Free Capital One 360 debit card/ATM card provided
  • Free payment of online bills
  • Remote deposit of checks using a scanner or mobile device
  • An overdraft credit line (whose use should be avoided, but stands to be much less expensive compared to the other overdraft protection forms)
  • Free individual Person2Person payments for easy transactions to others
  • To be able to use the branches of the bank of Capital One for withdrawals and deposits (July 2015)

These features stand quite similar to the offers given by ING Direct in the accounts of Electric Orange. The major difference is the remote deposit of checks that can be made by you using your computer or mobile device, and the feature of Person2Person payments is also fresh. Note that even after the change of name, if you seem to have any remaining checks from accounts of Electric Orange, it can be continued to be used.

Savings account for business

Just like the previous Orange for accounts used for business, Capital One 360 offers similar savings accounts online for businesses. Once again, there will be no minimum balance or fees required for the use of the account. However, there will be additional forms that you will need to provide for setting up the respective account in your business’ name. Unfortunately, the savings account for business purposes does not get as much revenue as that a standard bank account online will get.

Children’s Savings Accounts

Capital One 360 offers savings accounts for children as well which is called Kids Savings Account. Without any requirement of minimum balance or fees, the account allows money to be saved by a child and an adult in the name of the child. The account can be handled by an adult who is not necessarily a parent. The child receives unique credentials for logging in and seeing their account, but they will not receive any hints of your accounts. The adults will hold control over the withdrawals and deposits of such accounts until the related child will turn 18, after which the account gets converted into the standard account for savings at Capital One 360.

Kids Savings Accounts are a good way to make children learn about money and its management from an early age.

CDs: Certificates of Deposit

If you wish to earn further than what you get in savings account at the online bank of 360, you can opt to take advantage of the Capital One 360 CD rates. CDs beef up the original returns of your account and its terms range between 6 months – 5 years. You can easily find a frame of time that will fit your needs. Most obviously, if you happen to pull out your funds earlier than it was intended, you will end up having to pay penalty for such early withdrawal. At this online bank, it is quite possible that the penalty you face may exceed the hard-earned interest, so it is better to be thoughtful and know your funds before using CDs.

capital one 360 for individuals

Other products of banking

Apart from the accounts offered and informed to you above, there are home loans of several different kinds being offered by Capital One 360. If you are planning to refinance or buy a home, an adjustable mortgage rate or fixed rate can be used. Credit lines can also be received with many different options for payment.

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A very comprehensive and observant comparison of great interest rates of savings accounts are offered by the Balance. We made a team with Bankrate in order to survey almost 4800 banks along with credit unions all around the nation. Depending on the amount of money that you wish to deposit, the list will display to you among the best available options of the day. All the credit unions and banks that are listed are made sure to be insured either by the NCUA or FDIC.

Online Website of Capital One 360

If you happen to be curious about Capital One 360, you can visit Capital One 360 online website. You will discover various information about the bank and their working. You will also find posts about how different products can be availed, should be used or their benefits. You can also check if you are eligible for their offers of Capital One 360 credit cards that are pre-qualified. You may find Capital One 360 ATM or branches around you through their site to get improved access to your money. The bank has partnerships with entertainment and eating services just like any other banks to provide comfort and exciting offers to their customers. With Savor®, you can earn 4% unlimited cashback on the same.

Capital One 360 Login

You can view or monitor the credit score belonging to you for further outlook into what to do and not to do for future endeavours that may or may not require loans. For further information, you can call on the Capital One 360 phone number provided on their official website or use the given links for appropriate services of customer care for specific needs. There is an email address provided too for reporting suspicious emails.

The Capital One 360 money market allows you to invest and earn much more than what other physically standing banks have to offer. It may be an online enterprise, but there is no facility less here than those banks have. In fact, at Capital One, you are actually provided with more and much better features than others to ensure customer satisfaction. To get a fine and refined idea about their benefits and uses, you can go online on the internet and check out the Capital One 360 reviews about the various products that they offer. Most customers ensure the online bank to provide enough facilities in all manners to help them in their required tasks.

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