Top 10 Best Personal Budget & Financing Software

Budgeting is one of the most essential as well as annoying task of our life which everyone who don’t have unlimited money need to do monthly. Budgeting is important because it organize us and tell where to spend and how much money out of our salary this month. If you do this manually then you know how tedious this task is – the calculations, even if done very carefully still miss some significant expenses which brings headaches when they are revealed later as a surprise.

Budgeting is always connected to the mind image of self-deprivation but it can be made fun with the help of budgeting software. You can automate all your budgeting with the help of these software which I am showing below. These are the best budgeting software available in the market which will organize your personal expenses in a very much organized way, lets you manage your budgets without doing any calculations or complicated math exercises.

1. You Need a Budget (YNAB)

YNAB is one of the easiest and most organized personal budgeting software which is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android operating systems. How sophisticated your earning is or how complex your expenditure is, YNAB got you covered. It lets you organize your money in such a way that you will have track of every dollar you earn. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user or someone who have used a personal budgeting software in past and failed, this app is best for you. It is easiest financing app which all the required features and flexibility and not those complicated features which are only meant to confuse you and have no use otherwise.

You Need a Budget is the browser based financing app and so, you will be able to access it from any device’s web browser. The software is already simple but online tutorials are provided to guide you properly. Even, a live instructor is available whenever required. YNAB keeps your budgets safe and raises flags whenever you exceed them. Moreover, it provide several amazing tips to manage your budget better.

2. Quicken

Quicken is one of the top rated personal finance and budgeting tools. It provides the most comprehensive features for budgeting.  You don’t need to save receipt of enter down details, just connect your bank account and Quicken will automatically extract, categorize and show all your transactions. Stay on the top of your expenses and manage every penny that comes to you. You can either choose the pre-defined budget plans of change any plan in such a manner that suits you. Save money to pay off debt, down payments, save money for celebrations, retirements, this tool will allow you to do anything quickly.

3. Mint

Mint is a free of cost online personal finance software, which has millions of active users. You do not need any specific tool and browser in order to use Mint. It works perfectly on every computer through online website and app. From money management to bills tracking to credit score check & budgeting, Mint allows you to do all these important personal financing task from very intuitive interface. You can signup the service for free. Signup, see everything in one place and their effects on your life and know what you can do to improve your financial life.

Mint Personal Finance

4. CountAbout

CountAbout is another lucrative personal budgeting tool which is customizable, easy-to-use and simple financial app. All the essential features such as budgeting, account reconciliation, graphs for income & expenses, recurring/memorized/split transactions, manage tags, category, etc are there but it has a special feature to allows the user to import the data from Mint or Quicken. By using this program you can quickly synchronize personal budgeting details in one place along with reporting.

CountAbout also provides many type of reporting such as reporting for account balances, reporting for category activity, tag activities, detailed reporting which are very useful when you need to have your transactions details in hard-copy.


5. Mvelopes

The credit of making traditional envelope budgeting system popular goes to Dave Ramsey. Mvelopes is a renowned personal budgeting tool that adds digital functions to Dave Ramsey’s popular envelope budgeting system. It I actually a smart choice for you if you are planning to get out of your debt, overhaul your finances, and recognize budget leaks.


6. Wallet

The Wallet app by BudgetBakers is a great solution for your personal finance and budgeting demands. It is loaded with numerous features and offering a simple user-interface. You can set goals, get insights, create better budget plans for the future, and maintain your financial fitness habit by using this app. It allows you to set spending limits, categorize the payments, and track all your expenditures.

7. MoneyDance

Monedance is one of the top rated personal finance tools that is user-friendly and equipped with many personal budgeting features. This tool offers features like bill payment, online banking, account management, investment tracking, and budgeting. This tool is designed to manage multiple financial tasks and currencies without making the budgeting process too complex for the user. This app generates graphical reports on your expenses and income by using a sophisticated graphic tool. You can set the graph type, date range, and manipulate other settings in order to get the type of graph you want.

MoneyDance Finance

8. EveryDollar

EveryDollar is a nice budgeting app for you if you want a tool with basic features for managing personal finance. You can get the free version of this tool and manually add the transactions. If you are impressed with its service, you can go for the premium Plus version that performs many tasks automatically. It allows you to add monthly income, strategize your spending, and track money expenditure with ease.

9. Acrons

Acrons is a personal finance and budgeting mobile app which rounds up your expenditure to the nearest dollar for credit card spending and invests difference. All you need to do is linking a checking account and credit card and this app will do the rest of the job by itself. All your investments will be done by using your microsavings and therefore it will not hurt your monthly budget.

Acrons Finance

10. Excel

Lastly, if you have expertise in MS Excel then you might not need any premium personal budgeting software because you can perform most of the task of calculations and management of your monthly income and expenses using the MS Excel easily. MS Excel comes with all necessary formulas to perform calculate anything and the data visualization it can do using graphs, charts, histograms, etc. is amazing. It might take a little time to set it up first but after setting it, you will have your own personal budgeting tool where you have full control over everything without installing any other software in your PC.

Microsoft Excel

So, these are the best personal budgeting software you can use to align your life. All of these software are capable for providing you the best management of your income, expenses and investments, it comes down to your own personal preference that which of these personal budgeting software will you want to use. But, pick one, set it up and start using it as once you start using the personal financing software, you will always have your money flow in control.

Let us know which of the above listed personal budgeting software did you like the most.

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