Use Backlink Checker to know about the incoming links on your website

In this world of technology, you can find websites dedicated to almost anything and everything. From clothing brands to the stock market, there are millions of web pages. Due to the high rate of these web pages, the competitions of these in the past few years have also simultaneously increased. One of the most crucial factors in website performance is backlinking.

Backlinks are the links which are located on web pages that guide us to another site. As search engines like Google rank websites according to various metrics. One of the important things that these search engines look at is the number of Backlinks that a website holds. Not just amount but the quality of these backlinks is also taken under observation.

The quality of these incoming links is quite outstanding, its significance can be seen by this example, the 15 Backlinks of good quality are considered better than the 40 incoming links that are not of good quality. So, you must keep yourself updated about the backlinks that a website is comprising of, Backlink checker free by is the tool which you can have hands-on. This tool scans all the details regarding the inbound links and provides you with the results in a few moments. This tool is free to use for everyone plus a backlink checker only requires a stable internet connection to function.

Backlinks in SEO

What happens after you use the Backlink Checker?

Not only has a list of backlinks but using a backlink checker it also allowed you to see many other things, which you can utilize in several ways. The Backlink Checker makes you know the URL of a specific website that is linking back to your webpage. It enables you to see the exact text used in the inbound link. It shows you the domain rating of the website that is linking back towards your webpage. It informs you about what kind of backlink it is and whether it is a No-follow link or a follow one.

Moreover, Backlink checker allows us to see relevant metrics by making Ahref rank of the page, total amount of Backlinks, organic keywords, the total number of No-follow and follow links, the number of domains which are linked to the website, and organic traffic by making all of these visible in the results shown by Backlink Checker.

How to make the most out of Backlink Checker?

There are several ways in which you can use the results you get from the Backlink Checker. It will allow you to know the source of backlinks. It helps us to make a backlink analysis not only for the site you own, but you can enter any URL of any website. The content that is performing best is also visible to you so you can see those too.

You can also look at the keywords that are attracting the most links to your website. Moreover, as you can check any site so you can see the valuable incoming links of the website that are your competitors. It helps you to grow as you can find out the gap you are lacking in and can build the backlinks accordingly.

So generally, Backlink Checker helps will help you to improve the social engine optimization of the websites. By gaining all the information regarding backlinks you can see the details and can manage the inbound links. Lost links can also be found by utilizing the Backlink checker.

Get all the details in a few simple steps

No hard and fast rules are needed to use the Backlink Checker. Only just a few steps you will need to take, and in a few seconds, the whole list will be provided to you by Backlink Checker. You, first of all, will need to visit the tool on your browser. After you open it, a box containing two choices will be enabled to you.

One option will be guiding you to enter the domain of the website. In it, you can enter the URL of the site you want to analyze the inbound links of. The other options state if you wish to see the external links of only a single page or all the pages that are attached to the domain. You can choose the suitable option. Then by clicking “Check Backlink”, the tool will start processing and will show you the outcome.

The tool is highly recommended to you if you want to get a full-fledged detail of backlinks and do not want to pay a single penny. The results provided to you by the Backlink Checker will be accurate and easy to understand.

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