SPH JOI – What is it and how it is done?

Sex fantasy & fetish world is a democracy in itself. No one is here to judge you because if they start judging, they will keep on judging everyone and everything. That dilemma alone is what allows the freedom in sex fantasy/fetish world. There is every type of fetish in this adult category. Fetishes, are not about watching a degrading adult performance of someone else but about self-humiliation.

Self-humiliation is a big & exciting category of fetish porn in which, SPH is among the fast-spreading field. If you ever felt happy when someone scolds you or your partner tells you mean things about your penis and, if you enjoy it, then you have an SPH fetish that you have to explore.

What is SPH Fetish?

SPH means Small Penis Humiliation. People who have enjoyed and find it really sexy when their partner says mean things about how small their penis is, how they can’t please anyone with that tiny thing hanging between their thigh and they can’t get enough of it. I know some of you really like such verbal abuse about your penis, even if you have a big penis.

Such types of talk either entice you or challenge you and then, you want to retaliate against the lady who is humiliating you with your best performance either in bed or on chat.

As SPH videos are getting popular, more and more sph porn videos are getting available via mainstream porn sites. Live cam girls are also picking the hint and some of them have exclusively become SPH models. But, as fast as SPH fetish videos are increasing, the internet is vast. So, it’s really hard to find all those pornstars & adult performers who can humiliate good and make SPH people really horny.

How SPH Fetish is Done?

Whether you want to learn how to SPH or get an idea about what you’re gonna receive when you join a SPH video chat of adult pornstars, then let me set your expectations straight. When in SPH, the viewer has arrived for two purposes, first, to hear all the mean degrading stuff that you can tell him about his penis and how you react due to all the comments you are throwing on them and increasing the intensity of your adult performance.

The SPH fetish porn viewer wants you to go fully crazy, don’t hold back with anything either in your performance or showing them their true place in the world of manliness. For viewers, it is very enjoyable as they love it when their girl talk dirty, tries to dominate and humiliate them.

If you are watching SPH porn, then don’t think you have no control over how the conversation of the flow of video chat goes, you practically handle, demand and control everything. You tell the performer what dress should she wear, what performance should she do for you, and for how much time you want this video chat to go. If you want her to wear just lace, just socks or be catwomen with latex cloth and a long whip, then she will wear that outfit too, just to impress you.

Why should you watch SPH on Humiliate.me?

Humiliate.me is a porn aggregator site for humiliation porn. It has all cool fetish humiliation porn categories and that has the best videos from hundreds of porn sites and live cam portals. It has a special category for SPH porn where, you’re going to find best SPH adult performers who are among the best SPH adult pornstars available on the internet, but as they are spread all over the internet, Humiliate.me makes it easy to find all of them in one place.

Moreover, the website shows who is online and who is doing what act and, above all, the unlike all the other cam girl sites which either annoy you with scam ads or put paywall to force you to pay money to do anything on their websites, Humiliate.me makes it completely free for you to access any SPH cam girls live cam, all you need to do is just quick signup if you haven’t yet created an account on the website.

Can SPH affect your sex life?

SPH can’t affect your sex life, at least, not in a bad way. All it is gonna do is open yourself up and female dominance and remove your complexity so that it won’t be a turn down when your girl talks to you dirty in bed or treat you with strength. Even, you are gonna learn how to add fuel to the fire and use the SPH to increase the intensity and intimacy of your bedtime.

Those who watch SPH daily have felt that their bedtime is effortlessly getting more and more interesting and their alone time watching porn videos or live cam is too, all due to the SPH adult performers who will say so many mean things to you that you’ll be forced to interact with them and have fun together. Do you know what you’re gonna do then? You’re gonna enjoy your me time more because it’ll break the monotonality in the adult content you usually watch.

How is the SPH Experience on Humiliate.me?

Finding good SPH adult videos on the internet is really hard as they’re sprinkled all over the internet via forums, reddit, paid websites, only fans and their is very negligible content left on the free platform. Thanks to guys at Humiliate.me who have put so much time in collecting the best SPH stars for the platform, all of which are available for free to join, enjoy and interact.

Moreover, there is almost no buffering so, you won’t face lag in connection or break connection issues. All you’re gonna have is happy time with a really good adult star who is confident in her SPH talent, knows what she is doing and totally ready to humiliate the shit out of you.

So, the only real question left is, are you ready to handle the real hardcore SPH stuff? If your answer is yes, then don’t waste a second, just jump straight to the Humiliate.me website, navigate to the SPH category and just hit the chat with your favorite adult SPH star.

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