Surprising Uses for Cannabis Oil that will Amaze you

CBD has taken the complimentary medicine world by storm over the past year or so. The cannabinoid has become a mainstay of health food and complimentary medicine stores, not only in the States but across the world. During the past decade, plenty of research dollars have been ploughed into CBD, and its anti-inflammatory properties are well documented, making it a popular choice for pain relief, injury recovery and relieving the symptoms of arthritis. These, however are only the tip of the iceberg.

CBD oil is derived from the cannabis plant but is different to cannabis oil as it contains no more than trace amounts of THC. This means CBD oil, and other CBD products, will not get you high and is legal throughout the western world. However, this distinction is only a relatively recent development. Previously, all cannabis products were treated the same and were illegal almost everywhere. This is why there has been so little research over the years and the scientists are now furiously playing catch-up. Every week, we learn more about CBD. Here are some of the more surprising revelations. 

Cannabis Oil

Helping Alzheimer’s patients

This is one of the latest applications to be discovered and is highly exciting. Trials carried out in 2014 indicated that mice with Alzheimer’s showed reduced cognitive deterioration when injected with CBD. Last year, King’s College in London launched the first human trials. It is not suggested that CBD can cure Alzheimer’s but there are good indications that it might significantly slow its progress and reduce the severity of symptoms like aggression or agitation.

Quitting the butts

CBD comes from the cannabis plant and given the associations that entails, you might think it would be the last thing you need if you are trying to stop smoking. On the contrary, however, many find it provides that helping hand they need to beat the craving. Nicotine interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, and the CBD can act as a substitute, thereby putting less demand on your willpower during those initial days. 

Making chemo more bearable

CBD has been shown to ease the symptoms of nausea and to reduce vomiting. This makes it a great natural alternative to pharmacological antiemetics that often have unpleasant side effects. Some use CBD to guard against motion sickness, but a more profound application is for those going through chemotherapy. Anything that can make cancer treatment more bearable is worth every research dollar it gets.

Keeping you sprightly in heels

Not every application is a major medical breakthrough. CBD can also help get us through the day in various small ways, and a fun example is relieving the discomfort of high heels. By the end of a long day, most ladies, or indeed gentlemen, who have spent a day in heels have lost all feeling below the ankles. A little CBD oil on the sole of the foot morning and night acts as a numbing agent and you’ll be wanting to dance the night away without changing into flats.

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