The Tech That Drives Online Casinos

If it weren’t for the rise in technology then a lot of the services and products people have today wouldn’t exist. The tech advancements revolutionized a lot of industries and among them the casino industry. Gaming is more popular than it was before since casino sites can take care of the needs of customers from all over the world. They can offer a lot more than land-based casinos and be better hosts to the clients. It’s fair to say that this industry made a boom because of implementing technological advancements.

The casino industry is one of the most taxed ones. For example, in India winnings from fantasy games are taxed, and in the UK there are also taxes that winners have to pay. Despite these taxes, the casino industry is well off and continues to reap profits. One of the secrets to its success is its ability to adapt to new tech trends and so far it’s been doing rather well.

The Software Behind Popular Games on,, and Other Casino Sites

Great video games require a lot of time and skill to be created. This is the case with casino games as well. There are developing studios entirely dedicated to making such games and they have a tough job to do since they need to make the games flawless. The process of making a single casino game is complex as it requires sophisticated programming techniques. The developers need to fluent in one of the most difficult programming languages C++. That’s why studios employ skilled programmers that get the job done and keep websites like and other online casino sites stacked with games.


The variety of games is where these developers give it their best as they’re responsible for creating different versions of traditional games such as poker, blackjack, and roulette. They’re responsible for revolutionizing slot machines into the super-popular slot games. Finally, they’re responsible for a key element of every casino game – fairness. Thanks to Random Number Generators or RNGs for short, generate a sequence of random numbers or symbols with no set pattern. Because of them the kind of card a player gets, where the ball lands in roulette or what symbol they get in a slot game is entirely random. Besides the RNG, other steps are taken to ensure fair play.

The Tech Behind Online Payments and Mobile Casino Games

All casino sites accept certain types of payment methods. The wire transfers, debit and credit cards are the most common ways through which transactions can be made. Since the casino industry keeps track of tech there has been a growing number of casinos that recognize cryptocurrencies and eWallets as methods of payment. Bitcasino promotes more and more players for using cryptocurrencies.

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Because of the habit of keeping track, the industry was quick to jump on the mobile gaming trend. This needed an update on the software the games ran on. It was thanks to HTML5 that the first mobile casino games were born. This language enables developers to make a few adjustments so the games can be played on different mobile devices.

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