How Online Gaming Sites Ensure a Fair Play to Players

As scams are appearing almost regularly on the internet and are plaguing every type of online industry, it’s not surprising that people are becoming more paranoid about the online transaction. The paranoia and skepticism have caused people to think that someone is pulling wool over their eyes, every time they engage in an online transaction or place a wager at an online casino. Due to this, people are skeptical about virtual casino games and are of the perception that all virtual casino games are rigged, and that players never win resulting in a larger profit to the casino.

Although it is difficult to truly prove or disprove this myth universally, because there are some casinos involved in these shady practices and are trying to make some fast buck, but making an accusation for all the virtual casinos as a whole is unfounded. Online gaming sites like Guide2Gambling are businesses and just like every business the ultimate aim is to make profits. In order to do this most well known online gaming sites should take a lot of steps to attract customers and engage them so that they can enjoy the game and invest more money in the game.

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Casinos are trying to shove off these infamous tags that are associated with their industry and in their venture, most reputed casinos are taking a lot of measures to ensure fair play to their players. Online casinos should take steps to engage their players and allow them to enjoy the game by providing them with a safe and protected gaming console to ensure games are run ethically and legally.

You might have read reviews or have heard that a lot of reputed casinos are using reliable software like Microgaming. Most reputed casinos are using legal gambling software and feel it is a part of their best practice to use fully tested, regulated software that plays in an entirely random manner. Online gaming or gambling have guidelines that each online gaming site must follow before they can open their doors to allow real money wagers.

Important Factors to Check before selecting an Online Gaming Site

Casinos should use Random Number Generation software along with other security features to ensure fair play for its players. The gaming site should display the logos of independent auditors, used to oversee their software. If the site receives any certifications for 3rd parties like iTech Labs, GLI or eCogra they should display these certificates on their sites. These laboratories test the randomness and fair play for some of the popular gaming operators so if the games are tested a verified by these 3rd parties you can rest assured that the games are not rigged. You should check out for these certifications

Online casinos should use a pseudorandom number of generations (PRNGs) to produce pseudorandom numbers or PRNs. These create results similar to randomly dealt live hand. Despite the security offered the PRNGs should be regularly tested to completely ensure that the behavior of the game cannot be easily predicted by a player. PNRGs are driven by an algorithm which provides the random output. You should try to read the reviews about the sites to know which site is using PRN technology.

Since most cash transactions happen online, and players have to provide personal information, you should choose a website that has Secure Socket Layer or (SSL) certificate encrypted for their site. You should also check if the site is encrypted with anti-virus software like McAfee or Kaspersky for data transmission purpose. To ensure fair play and data protection a gaming site should incorporate usage of both SSL and anti-virus.


Online gaming sites should have an easy registration process. This is a very important step to ensure fair play and clear the doubts from the minds of the customers. Reputed sites will not charge you for online registration so you should be cautious and discard those sites which compel you to pay money for online registration. Online gaming sites should also take note of this and try not to pull the wool over the customers eyes by making them pay for online registrations.

How Genuine Online Gaming Site Works?

A genuine online gaming site will publish financial reports, white papers, etc on their website for their stakeholders. A certain percentage of TDS is deducted from a player’s winning amount if the online gaming company is following the government taxation policy. The online gaming company should be able to provide a receipt of the TDS with the seal in case the player claims the refund while filing their tax returns. You should ensure that the site is PCI-DSS compliant. To ensure the protection and security of a player’s sensitive information and ensure fair play, the site needs to be PCI compliant

As we cannot undermine the fact that the hackers and criminals and shady players are very clever and can research sites like PNRG to try and predict how the game is being dealt with. To avoid this online gaming sites should constantly monitor and evaluate their system and adjust the PNRG from time to time. To ensure fair play websites should enact this proactive process at least twice a year. The site operators should always stay ahead of attempts to gauge their system. For that reason, online gaming sites should employ a competent system administrator who is dedicated to fair play. He should attend to the algorithms, programs and the transformation to make the game as unpredictable as possible. In fact, the reputation of a website is much in the hands of system administrators who should have the wisdom and clairvoyance as to when the PNRG should be changed or revaluated.

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Online gaming sites also ask their players to abstain from using abusive languages and refrain from using third party software like “bots” or gameplay automation scripts, hacks or “mods” or programs that can unfairly alter game functionality. Such consequences of misconduct are prohibited and can result in a permanent ban of the accounts. You should also check out for the rules and regulations mentioned in the website and check if the website is complying with these terms.

Site operators should take all the measures to ensure fair play, and by doing this they will be able to remove the skepticism from the minds of the customers. An online gaming company should understand that creating a secure and fair environment will bring in more clients and thus act as a catalyst to enhance their business. The site operators should strive to stay ahead of attempts and implement systems that can prevent any methods of cheating.

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